Workflow Applications: Overview

Workflow applications are used in processes to perform certain activities. You can also create your own custom workflow applications.

Built-in applications

WorkflowGen provides some built-in workflow applications, such as:

.NET Assembly

The assembly workflow application type lets you declare a .NET class method as a workflow application. This is the fastest way to develop custom workflow applications (compared to web services). (See the Workflow applications section in the WorkflowGen Integration Guide for detailed instructions on .NET workflow application development.)

Execution performance is also better because WorkflowGen directly instantiates the assembly without network communication and without Web Service authentication.

You can create a method with standard parameters or by using a single workflow context parameter (WFGEN_CONTEXT) for more flexibility.

Workflow Application: Assembly: Use a .NET Class method as a Workflow Application

Workflow Application: Assembly: Use an assembly method with a workflow context parameter for more flexibility

Web Services

You can create Web Service workflow applications. WorkflowGen supports SOAP Web Services and WCF services.

Example of a Web Service (ASMX) declaration

Web Services parameters

Workflow Application: WCF Service compared to ASMX Web Service