Workflow Application: UPDATEPROCESSDATA usage

The UPDATEPROCESSDATA application allows you to update process data associated to a request. It provides a simple solution for inter-process communications.

Required parameter

Parameter                                    Type       Direction Description
REQUEST_ID Numeric IN This parameter must contain a valid request ID

The optional parameters are the process data to update (the parameter name is the process data name). You must define those parameters in the corresponding action parameters.


You want to update the AMOUNT data with the value of the AMOUNT_UPDATE process data. The request ID to update is stored in a REQUEST_ID_UPDATE process data.

Create a workflow action using UPDATEPROCESSDATA with the following parameters:

  • REQUEST_ID send the value of: Data: REQUEST_ID_UPDATE

  • AMOUNT send the value of: Data: AMOUNT_UPDATE

You may have to add an exception management to handle possible errors (e.g. invalid request ID).