Web Services API: Update Process Instance Data

As of WorkflowGen version 5.6.3, you can use the UpdateProcessInstanceData web method to update associated data to a request in progress from an external application.


The UpdateProcessInstanceData web method is restricted to allowed users as defined in the ProcessesRuntimeWebServiceAllowedUsers entry in the \wfgen\ws\web.config file.

Only requests in progress can be updated. If one of the process data to update is locked by another user (such as when a user is filling a web form which will update one of the process data), the web method triggers a SOAP exception.


The web method parameters (SOAP or GET/POST) are:

  • processInstanceId

    Example: 12345

  • activityInstanceId

    Example: 2

  • workflowContext



    In this example, MYTEXTDATA and MYNUMDATA are the process data names to update.


By updating process data associated to requests in progress, you might impact the ongoing workflow with side effects such as loops or stuck requests, so you should be careful when updating process data used in conditions.

If you need more security and traceability, we recommend using workflow actions to update process data. For more information, see the Workflow Design: Update a process data from an external application article.