Workflow Application: GETPROCESSDATA usage

The GETPROCESSDATA workflow application lets you retrieve process data values of a specified request. This application is useful for inter-process communications.

When used as a first sub-process action, GETPROCESSDATA provides a flexible alternative to sub-process parameters, since there are no versioning management constraints with the parent process.

Required parameter

Parameter Type Direction Description
REQUEST_ID Numeric IN The ID of the request that contains the process data to retrieve

Activity parameters

The other parameters are defined in the workflow action according to your needs.

Parameter name: The name of the remote process data to retrieve.
Receive the value into: The process data to update.


To retrieve the value of the COMPANY process data into the CUSTOMER_COMPANY process data:

Parameter name: COMPANY
Receive the value into: CUSTOMER_COMPANY

Process data datatypes must be same.

You may have to add an exception management to handle possible errors (e.g. invalid request ID).