Workflow Application: GETUSERSFROMDIR usage

WorkflowGen’s GETUSERSFROMDIR workflow application is very useful, since it allows you to retrieve specific users from your directory and automatically assign actions to them. This article provides instructions on how to configure a GETUSERSFROMDIR action.

Before you start, make sure your directory is well maintained, since GETUSERSFROMDIR will launch specific conditions on your directory. If there is a discrepancy in the information, the directory will return no value.

  1. In the Workflow Designer, create an action using the GETUSERSFROMDIR application.

  2. On the Parameters tab of the Edit action screen, click the + to add a global parameter and define it using a data from the form.


  3. Create a parameter and add your conditions:

    • QUERY1_CMD defines the query to execute on your directory

    • QUERY1_DIR defines which directory to use to launch the query

    • QUERY1_DEFAULT_VALUE gives your request a default value in case the query returns nothing

    • QUERY1_RESULT_COUNT returns the number of users found that match the criteria

    • QUERY1_RESULT_LIST returns the list of usernames separated by commas

      Note: You can specify the separator character by adding the RESULT_SEPARATOR IN parameter.

    • QUERY1_RESULT_LIST_EMAIL returns the list of emails separated by commas

    • QUERY1_TOP indicates how many results the query can return


  4. On the Data screen, create a new data in which the information returned from the query will be stored.

    Note: As of WorkflowGen version 7.15.0, the result of a query returned into a TEXT process data no longer has a 4000-character limit for MS SQL Server database.


  5. On the Parameters tab of the Edit action screen, set an OUT parameter to fill the data.


  6. Assign the next action to the user retrieved from the GETUSERSFROMDIR action using the Automatic to the person assignment method, then select the data you created in the Retrieve users from field.


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Has anyone had an issue with Step #5 above? When I pull in the “RESULT_LIST” available parameter, the Direction automatically selects “IN”. I am unable to select any outbound data into an element. I’ve noticed this is the case for every available parameter; they are all INBOUND parameters. Can anyone help explain this? Thanks!


The RESULT_LIST is defined as an OUT parameter in the GETUSERSFROMDIR workflow application as shown in my screenshot below. The step #5 is working as expected in my local WorkflowGen v7.1.1

If you need further help, please post a ticket to our support team.