Workflow Application: SENDHTTPPOST usage

The SENDHTTPPOST workflow application lets you create outgoing webhooks to external systems. Webhooks allow an API to exchange information with other applications through HTTP POST requests, and can be used to build integrations with extendable applications such as Slack, GitHub, and Dropbox. For example, they can be used for notifications when an expected event (as previously configured by the user) has occurred. Since they allow real-time communication, webhooks are efficient and performant.

Note: It is recommended to use the RESTAPICLIENT workflow application instead of SENDHTTPPOST, since RESTAPICLIENT provides more extensive features.

The SENDHTTPPOST workflow application sends outgoing webhooks to external applications using JSON or URLENCODED payloads. SENDHTTPPOST will then receive and process the response from the external API. For more information, see the Using webhooks with WorkflowGen topic.

For an example of how you can use SENDHTTPPOST to send messages to Slack channels from WorkflowGen, see the Workflow Application: Using SENDHTTPPOST to send messages to Slack topic.

As well, samples of APIs that use SENDHTTPPOST are available in the SENDHTTPPOST Workflow Application repository on GitHub.

See the SENDHTTPPOST Workflow Application section in the WorkflowGen Administration Guide for complete instructions on how to use SENDHTTPPOST.

Required parameter

Parameter Type Direction Description
APP_URL Text IN External API URL

Optional parameters

Parameter Type Direction Description
TOKEN Text IN API authorization token (use this parameter to specify a token for external APIs that don’t include the token in the URL)
APP_TIMEOUT Numeric IN Maximum time interval between the request sending and the response reception (default: 3000 milliseconds; maximum 60,000 milliseconds)
APP_CONTENT_TYPE Text IN Request content type supported by the external API (SENDHTTPPOST supports JSON and URLENCODED; the default is JSON)
APP_RESPONSE_CONTENT Text OUT Returned optional payload or error message
APP_RESPONSE_STATUS Text/Numeric OUT Returned HTTP request status code
APP_HEADER_xxx Text IN External API header parameters where xxx is the header field name
APP_REQUEST_CONTENT_IS_ARRAY Text IN When set to Y , the application will convert the JSON request payload into an array; the default is N

Only supported when building JSON request payload with IN parameters.