WorkflowGen version 6 compatibility with legacy workflow applications

As of version 6, WorkflowGen no longer includes the following workflow applications:

  • EFORMPDF: Handles processes that use PDF forms (\wfgen\wfapps\webapps\eformpdf)

  • PDFTODATABASE: Exports PDF form data to a database (\wfgen\wfapps\webservices\pdftodatabase)

  • DOCAPPROVAL: Displays a form to approve an attachment file (\wfgen\wfapps\webapps\docapproval)

  • DOCUPLOAD: Displays a form to upload an attachment file (\wfgen\wfapps\webapps\docupload)

However, WorkflowGen migrated from version 5 to version 6 can still use these by keeping them as workflow applications in their respective locations as listed above, with FDFToolkit properly installed and registered on the web server (the COM+ declaration is necessary in 64-bit Windows).

Note: These applications must use an IIS application pool in .NET Framework 2.0.