WorkflowGen v6.1.3


  • Fixed a UI alignment issue in the User Portal calendar picker.
  • Fixed an issue in the temporary files clean-up when completing many requests or actions in the Workflow engine simultaneously (e.g. directory is not empty or file access is denied).

Web form

  • Improved error message management when the same action is started or completed many times simultaneously (e.g. several clicks on an action launch or form submit button).
  • Fixed an issue when submitting the form as draft with invalid datatype values.

Advanced View

  • Fixed an issue where the data filters were kept in the search after having been removed by the end-user earlier.
  • Fixed an issue where an HTTP 404 error was shown after refining a search from the results of a custom view.

Quick View

  • Fixed a print issue with Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.
  • Fixed an issue where an error was displayed after closing the Quick View dialog.


  • Fixed a JavaScript error when changing the language preference in the user settings on the folder editing page.
  • Fixed an issue where an alert message about archiving previous processes was displayed twice after activating a new process version.

HTML5 Workflow designer

  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Chrome version 48 or later.
  • Overall stability improvements.

Remote Approval built-in

  • Fixed an issue that crashed the Remote Approval service when the ApplicationSmtpServerTimeout parameter was not defined in the web configuration.

Stability and performance improvements in

  • EFORMASPX workflow application
  • Global lists import/export functions


  • Added new indexes to the WFACTIVITY table.

Legacy software support

  • As of version 6.1.3, WorkflowGen no longer supports Internet Explorer 8 (see IE 8 Lifecycle from Microsoft), Windows XP, or Windows Server 2003.

Installation packs