WorkflowGen v6.1.2

Workflow Designer HTML5

  • Fixed an issue when deleting a loop transition would also delete other loop transitions of the same action.
  • Fixed an issue where the coordinates of the breakpoints on a loop transition were not saved when switching an action to another participant.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

Remote Approval built-in

  • Fixed an issue when the configuration parameter EngineNotificationLogLevel was missing or had no value, which prevented the WorkflowGen engine service from starting.


  • Fixed an issue where the workflow would stop abruptly due to a notification exception error.
  • Improved notification exception errors and logging management.
  • Added the form archive HTML as a default attachment file in all built-in notification templates.
  • Added new macros: Default sender email and Default reply-to email.


  • Updated the default HTTP maximum request length to 10 megabytes in the web.config

Installation packs