WorkflowGen v6.0

Upgraded UI/UX

  • A new contemporary and elegant theme that fits perfectly with the modern user experience.
  • Graphical follow-up is now available in HTML5 for supported web browsers.
  • Pop-up windows have been replaced by inline pop-ups to provide a fluid experience.


  • From the Views list on the Portal home page, click the View icons to display the views (grid, chart, statistics) in floating panels that you can arrange according to your needs.
  • Save your Dashboard as a View.


Quick mass approval

  • Users and supervisors can approve multiple requests in batches from their actions list in the Advanced view reports. (These actions must have the Quick mass approval feature enabled using the form designer.)


  • Import and export your Views.

.NET Framework 4.0

  • Workflowgen v6.0 relies on the .NET Framework 4.0.
  • Form designer .NET code and custom assemblies leverage the mature .NET Framework 4.0.

Simplified setup and configuration

  • No more COM+ components are required.
  • Fewer installation steps.
  • Only three IIS Virtual apps are needed (\wfgen, \wfgen\ws and \wfgen\wfapps\webforms).
  • All built-in workflow apps use the "\wfgen\app_data" folder to store files and the "\wfgen\web.config" file for the settings.

Performance boost when launching a web form-based action

  • The EFormASPX workflow app is now built into the core portal to improve performance and security.
  • Response time is dramatically improved, especially for large web forms and/or slow internet connections.

Form designer

  • Supports web forms in AJAX mode.
  • GridView tool: Supports multi-select lists.
  • Date tools: New calendar UI design.
  • Attachment tool: Auto file upload and image preview.
  • Enable Quick mass approval directly in the form's mapping.
  • New 'Air' form style template.

Workflow applications

  • GetUsersFromDir, XmlToDatabase and XmlTrans are now migrated to Assembly mode and uses the \wfgen\App_Data folder as the default storage location.
  • EFormPdf, DocApproval, DocUpload, FdfToXml and PdfToDatabase are deprecated and no longer provided in version 6.0. However, if any of your processes still use these workflow applications, you can keep them declared under the WorkflowGen website as in version 5.

Upgrade from version 5.7 and prior

  • Existing processes with form designer forms are supported.
  • WorkflowGen Database structure is stable (only new table fields).
  • WorkflowGen API usage is the same.
  • Existing Visual Studio Web forms and Workflow Apps running in a .NET Framework 2.0 application pool are supported.
  • A new license file and serial number must be applied specifically for version 6.0.
  • Refer to the WorkflowGen 6.0 Upgrade Guide below for more information.

Installation packs

WorkflowGen 6.0 (Upgrade)
WorkflowGen 6.0 (Clean install - Wizard)
WorkflowGen 6.0 (Clean install - Manual)


WorkflowGen 6.0 Upgrade Guide
WorkflowGen 6.0 Technical Reference Guide
WorkflowGen 6.0 User Portal Reference Guide
WorkflowGen 6.0 Administration Reference Guide