Workflow Application: COMPLETEACTION usage

The COMPLETEACTION application lets you complete an ongoing action with the corresponding parameters. It also provides a simple solution for inter-process communications and synchronization.

Required parameters

Note: Only one of the ACTION_NAME or ACTION_ID parameters is required.

Parameter                                    Type       Direction Description
REQUEST_ID Numeric IN The request ID of the action to be completed
ACTION_NAME Text IN The name of the action to be completed; the first instance found will be completed
ACTION_ID Numeric IN The ID of the action instance to be completed

Optional parameters

The optional parameters are the parameters of the action to be completed; these parameters must be defined in the corresponding action parameters.


You want to complete an asynchronous web procedure action named MYASYNCACTION, which has the following parameters:

  • AMOUNT receive the value into: Data: TOTAL (you must create this process data)

In your process, add an action using COMPLETEACTION application with the following parameters:

  • REQUEST_ID send the value of: Data: REQUEST_ID_UPDATE (you must create this process data)

  • ACTION_NAME send the value of: Text: MYASYNCACTION

  • AMOUNT send the vaue of: Data: AMOUNT_UPDATE (you must create this process data)

You may have to add an exception management to handle possible errors (e.g. invalid request ID, action ID, or action name ).