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How to sort dates in an Advanced View-to-Excel export 1 January 3, 2017
Advanced View: Custom charts

How it works The Custom charts feature lets you create customized charts with your data grid using JavaScript. You can create a chart with any chart library. Note: To use this feature, custom chart editing must be enabl…

1 April 23, 2015
I cannot initiate a new request in Test status in the Workflow Portal 2 November 21, 2016
Quick View: Error message "File was not found" 1 November 18, 2016
How to use the Dashboard

WorkflowGen’s Dashboard feature lets you create floating panels on your User Portal home page that you can arrange according to your needs. This way, all of your most important process and request information is availabl…

1 August 19, 2016
Advanced View: Custom columns

You can write your own formulas or JavaScript functions to calculate values in your custom columns. See the following topics for instructions and examples: Custom columns: Formulas and custom dates/times Custom column…

1 February 24, 2015
Portal: Multi-process view: Display common process data 1 February 20, 2014
Portal: Redirect the search result to the follow-up form when there is only one item found 1 October 23, 2013
Portal: IE10 in compatibility mode shows a blank page after a web form submit 1 August 15, 2013
Can a user view an uploaded document via the form? 1 July 20, 2013
Why don’t the links in the WorkflowGen user module work? 1 June 9, 2009
I’m getting a security error when trying to view statistics displayed as a chart 1 September 2, 2008
How to add a company logo to the banner 1 September 10, 2007
Why can't a user launch a process 1 September 3, 2007
The portal central homepage is not displayed when the WorkflowGen web site is in the Internet zone 1 July 6, 2007
How to unlock data when a user closes his browser without closing an action launched in the process? 1 February 9, 2006
Why do I receive the warning message "Some emails have not been sent!" during the execution of the requests? 1 October 7, 2004
Why are there no e-mail notifications sent during the processes execution? 1 October 6, 2004
Why are my requests automatically cancelled after a certain number of actions? 1 October 4, 2004
Why can't I close the windows opened from the process graphical view? 1 September 25, 2004