What are the default links on the user portal home page?

I’ve installed version 7.9.1 in a test environment and have noticed that the link “My group’s inbox” is not displaying on the user portal home page. I’m not using any code to hide it. Is this link still available for display on the home page?

Hi Joanne,

WorkflowGen does not have a “My group’s inbox” link.
You might have overridden a custom development when you upgraded your environment.


No, we only renamed “Team to-do list” to “My group’s inbox”. No further customization was done. “Team to-do list” is not dislaying on the home page even thought there are forms that are in self-service. Forms in Self service are are going displaying under “My requests in progress.”

I also clicked on the “Team” link in the nav menu in the user Portal and no tasks were found even though there were open forms in Self-service.

Has “Team to-do list” been removed from the user portal home page?


Hi Joanna,

No it was not removed.
Please open a new ticket in our Helpdesk site so we can investigate the issue.