How to use Quick Mass Approval

WorkflowGen’s Quick Mass Approval feature lets you easily and quickly handle multiple approval requests at once, using buttons such as Yes, No, or Modify as enabled and defined by the process designer.

To use Quick Mass Approval:

  1. Go to the Search screen by clicking Search on your Workflow Portal home page or in the banner menu.

  2. On the Search screen, click Actions to perform an actions search and display the available options.

  3. Quick Mass Approval is only available in User mode, so make sure this is selected instead of Supervisor mode.

  4. Check Display results as a customizable report (if it isn’t checked by default) to enable Advanced View.

  5. Check Display approval buttons next to Quick approval.

  6. As of WorkflowGen 6.2, you can filter by action. To do this, choose the process name from the Process drop-down menu, which will display the Action drop-down menu from which you can choose the approval action.

    Alternately (or in earlier versions of WorkflowGen), once you’ve performed your search, you can group your actions in the search results by dragging the Action column header up into the main search results header, or by clicking the pencil icon in the top right corner of the column header and selecting Group by this column from the drop-down menu. All of your approval actions will then be grouped together.

  7. Choose other search options as needed, then click Search.

  8. Perform your approval actions by clicking the buttons, then click Submit to submit your approvals. Click Reset to clear your selections.


As of WorkflowGen 6.2, you can select the same approval answer for all instances of the same action of a given process in two ways: either check the Multi-selection box in the search results footer and click one of the buttons, or hold down the Alt key while clicking one of the buttons. Since using Alt+Click doesn’t require Multi-selection to be checked, the advantage to this method is that you can change your approval selections for individual requests (using a regular click) without affecting the others.

Save as view

You can save your search results as a view that you can access directly from your Portal home page. To do this:

  1. Click Save as view above the Search results grid.

  2. In the dialog box that appears, enter a name for the saved view, or replace an existing saved view by selecting it from the Replace drop-down menu.

  3. Check Display link on the home page.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Return to your Portal home page and click My views to display your saved views. Alternately, you can click Views in the banner menu to go to the My Views page.

  6. Click the name of your saved view to open it, then perform your validation actions using the buttons. Every time you open the view, the search results will be refreshed.


You can use WorkflowGen’s Dashboard feature to take full advantage of Quick Mass Approval. To create a Dashboard panel from a saved view, click My views on the home page to display your saved views, then click the bar chart/magnifying glass icon next to the name of the view. You can move and resize the panel as needed. Use the scroll bars to view the approval actions and their buttons. The Dashboard panel will be refreshed every time you open your Portal home page.

How the enable the button ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘modify’ in search result?
I have check the advanced view and quick approval, but no buttons in the result page.
If there something need to do in the process designer?
Thank you.
Image 16_20170929

Hi Tim,

Yes, there’s something that has to be done by the process designer.

There are two ways to enable Quick approval:

The first way to do this is in the Form Designer.

  1. On the Mapping tab in the process design, select the action for which you want to display the approval buttons.

  2. On the data for which you want to display the buttons, click Value OUT.

  3. Click the Quick approval tab, then check the Enable Quick approval option

Once this is done, all the parameters in red below will be added to the action’s parameters.

The second way to do this is to enter these parameters manually. Just make sure you follow the same naming convention and point the IN value of Q1_RETURN_FIELDNAME to the corresponding data as shown in the image below.

Best Regards,


Hi Eddy
It’s works!!
Thank for help :smiley:


Is there a way to require a comment during Quick Approval for certain decisions/answers, like we can with Remote Approval’s?


Hi @agraves,

If your process is setup to use comments for Quick Approval, you should be able to see the comment option whenever you choose an answer to submit for a specific action.


Thanks Eddy,

Yes, I see the comment option in my portal. Can I require a comment be entered if say the user chooses “No” in your example? I currently require a comment for a “No” answer via form approval and remote approval, but I didn’t see a way to require it during quick approval.

Hi @agraves,

This functionality is currently not available and we have decided to include it in a future version of WorkflowGen. There is no ETA for this yet.