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Before installing WorkflowGen, you should consult the WorkflowGen Features and Technical Requirements guide on the Documentation page, which provides a detailed list of WorkflowGen features and technical requirements, as well as information on configurations and scalability, including:

  • End-user module features
  • Web form design
  • Global list, user, and participant management
  • Workflow features
  • Process administration
  • Security and authentication methods
  • Technical components
  • End-user, web server, and database server technical requirements
  • Scalability features
  • Examples of usage metrics

Get the installation packs

You can get the installation packs for the latest versions of WorkflowGen, WorkflowGen.My, Workflow Web Controls, and WorkflowFileUpload in the Release Notes & Downloads forum category.


WorkflowGen installation can take as little as a few minutes for a simple environment or up to several hours for advanced configurations, depending on your existing infrastructure and security requirements.

See the WorkflowGen software installation topic for a video tutorial on how to install WorkflowGen along with other information and links related to installation and configuration.

The following are some important technical topics you should review before proceeding with the installation and configuration of WorkflowGen:

  • User authentication method

    The majority of WorkflowGen clients use the Windows Integrated Authentication in IIS, although several other modes are supported. Using Integrated Authentication, the users are seamlessly authenticated to WorkflowGen by using the Windows local session (network password) of the user.

    WorkflowGen also supports .NET web form-based authentication and Custom HttpModule for SSO integration.

  • Permissions on the WorkflowGen application directories

    WorkflowGen enables you to secure the access to the web application files as specifically as desired, based on the authentication method selected and the IIS parameters.

  • Synchronization of the WorkflowGen directory with an existing user directory

    WorkflowGen supports multiple connectors to Active Directory and other LDAP user directories. If these connectors are not used or are not well populated, it may be necessary to consider using the WorkflowGen Text connector which allows the import of user data from various sources of information like HR systems.

    Richer directory information gives WorkflowGen more ability to integrate organizational data seamlessly into processes.

  • SMTP gateway

    WorkflowGen generates alerts and email notifications by using the SMTP protocol. This Internet standard is supported by the majority of the email servers (MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, etc.).

    For performance enhancement we recommend using the IIS SMTP gateway. You can easily set up the IIS SMTP gateway to redirect WorkflowGen messages to your email server.


To test the installation of WorkflowGen, you can use the built-in ready-to-use workflow templates and work with these processes. It’s also an opportunity to familiarize yourself with both the Administration Module and the User Portal. We recommend starting with the “Leave Application” process, which is simple and easy to test.

You can also use and customize the processes in the WorkflowGen process template library.


WorkflowGen greatly simplifies the creation and the deployment of processes. It follows industry-standard workflow principles and techniques. Simple processes can be created quickly, but WorkflowGen also meets the demands of companies for advanced forms, workflows, and web services.

There are several required skill sets for the implementation of business processes:

  • Analysis and design of processes
  • Process implementation
  • Form creation
  • Development of web services and other integrations
  • Technical administration

Although self-training is possible, we highly recommend attending training courses as described in the training section. These sessions are available “à la carte” or can be customized for your needs by our experienced trainers and business process analysts. The training is designed to accelerate your learning of the product as well as workflow concepts, thereby helping you implement your processes more quickly and effectively.

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The WorkflowGen Forum features videos and tutorials that will get you familiar with the main aspects of process design and administration in no time, and show you how to use some of WorkflowGen’s exclusive features:

Check out the Discover WorkflowGen playlist on YouTube for even more videos.

Get support

You may need support during the following phases of use of WorkflowGen:

  • Definition of the technical architecture
  • Installation
  • Testing
  • Analysis of processes
  • Creation of processes
  • Execution of the processes
  • Technical administration
  • Development of web services
  • Integration of the processes to your information systems

The many articles and other resources available in the WorkflowGen Forum quickly offer a first level of answers to your questions.

When creating forms or web services the majority of the questions are related to .NET. In this case we advise you to use the many websites dedicated to this subject.

If necessary you can also be assisted by certified WorkflowGen service providers. According to the nature of the request, your WorkflowGen service provider will suggest the appropriate level of assistance, either as support included in product maintenance or as additional professional services.


After the initial “quick wins” most of our clients decide to deploy the solution more widely and for more critical processes.

We recommend some best practices in order to successfully move forward with your workflow project:

Technical Architecture

Your infrastructure must be prepared to accommodate:

  • The performance requirements (according to the number of requests/actions per day)
  • The availability of the software (uptime requirement based on hardware and operating system)
  • IT governance (change management with multiple environments: Development/Test/Production)

Your Team

It is necessary to gather resources with the right skill set (technical administration, creation of the processes, and necessary integrations).

Project Management

Your WorkflowGen project involves many participants in many functional and technical fields, which must be well coordinated to be aligned with project budgets and schedules, as well as with organizational priorities. Project management is critical to manage these priorities and resources.

Your WorkflowGen service provider will be pleased to discuss your particular needs in order to propose assistance to ensure a successful workflow deployment.

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