User management

Directory synchronization

WorkflowGen supports multiple connectors to Active Directory and other LDAP user directories. If these connectors are not used or are not well populated, it may be necessary to consider using the WorkflowGen Text connector, which allows the import of user data from various sources of information such as HR systems.

Richer directory information gives WorkflowGen more ability to integrate organizational data seamlessly into processes:

  • Automatically fill in some form fields by using macros (e.g. Current User.Department)

  • Automatic to the manager assignment method

  • Reuse groups in process participants

  • GETUSERSFROMDIR workflow application to retrieve users


The majority of WorkflowGen clients use the Windows Integrated Authentication in IIS, although several other modes are supported (see Security in the WorkflowGen Technical Guide). By using Integrated Authentication, users are seamlessly authenticated to WorkflowGen by using the Windows local session (network password) of the user.

WorkflowGen also supports .NET web form-based authentication and Custom HTTP module for SSO integration.

SSO with a .NET custom HTTP module

The advantage of the custom HTTP module solution is to secure all the WorkflowGen HTTP requests including Web services. It provides more customization possibilities than the form authentication-based solution.

We recommend securing the WorkflowGen website with SSL and to use encryption to secure the token.

See the Setup: Authentication: SSO integration by using a Custom HTTP module forum topic for more information.