WorkflowGen 8.0.0 Beta


  • This is a BETA version.

  • There is a known browser caching issue with this version after upgrading the WorkflowGen server. We suggest installing the official version 8.0.4 instead, which includes a fix.


  • Workflow design: Scheduled system actions

    • Agent mode: Run system actions at a specific frequency controlled by a condition-based transition loop and a time delay.
  • Workflow design: Activity block

    • Block of actions that are grouped within a split action (any type) and a joint action (synchronization bar).
    • Improves process design and engine runtime efficiency by limiting the scope of the synchronization of parallel actions within the activity block.
  • Workflow design: Split bar action

    • An action that can be used as a split action in an activity block or as a pause action in the workflow without the synchronization behaviour or side effect of a traditional synchronization bar action.
  • Workflow apps: DOCUSIGNSEND and DOCUSIGNCHECK (DocuSign integration apps).

  • Workflow app: JSONTODATA (extract data from a JSON structure into request data).

  • Workflow engine service: Cancellation of timeout system actions (stuck in open and running statuses) with exception management.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Extensive code refactoring in all CORE modules for improved workflow engine performance.

  • Updated .NET target framework to 4.8.

  • Updated server-side .NET dependency libraries to the latest version.

  • Updated client-side JavaScript dependency libraries to latest version (including jQuery and jQuery UI).

    • jQuery v3.5.1 and jQuery UI v1.12.1 are now available as the new default web reference libraries in the Form Designer.
  • Workflow engine: Improved support for concurrent actions (actions running in multi-threads) within the same request.

  • Workflow app: Added support for JSON workflow context to web application type.

  • GraphQL and webhooks: Added action mutation and queries (StartInteractiveAction, action.interactiveParameters, action.activity.quickApprovalParameters).

Breaking changes

  • Removed support for legacy PDF forms (EFORMPDF).

  • Removed support for legacy ADO RecordSet workflow context.

  • Removed support for <add key="EngineTraceMode" value="N" /> engine trace mode. Use the new debug trace feature (/wfgen/trace.config) to configure and activate the engine runtime debug trace.

  • Merged WorkflowGen.My.Web.UI.WebControls.dll assembly module into WorkflowGen.My.dll.

    • Important: This breaking change requires you to re-save all of your existing webforms built with the Form Designer. Follow the steps as indicated in the upgrade guide about this change.
  • GraphQL and webooks: action.parameters has been replaced and will be removed in a future release.

    • To get an action’s workflow context for completion, use the StartInteractiveAction mutation first, then action.interactiveParameters.
    • To get an action’s Quick Approval parameters, use action.activity.quickApprovalParameters.
  • Form Designer: jQuery and jQuery UI v1.7.2 & v1.8.20 and v1.10.2 & v1.10.3 dependency libraries were moved to a new location on the WorkflowGen site.

    • Clients using these legacy versions in their Form Designer should make the appropriate changes (e.g. update hardcoded URL references of .js, .css, images, etc.) then re-save their process form.


  • All of the Node.js modules (GraphQL v5.0.0, Webhooks v6.0.1, Auth v3.0.0, and SCIM v3.0.0) now require Node.js version 14.15.1 LTS.


  • Oracle database is no longer supported as of WorkflowGen version 7.16.0. We recommend migrating to MS SQL Server 2017 or later.

  • For clients currently hosting WorkflowGen on a database server older than MS SQL Server 2012, we highly recommend upgrading to MS SQL Server 2017 or later for the best performance.

Installation Packs

WorkflowGen 8.0.0 (Upgrade)
WorkflowGen 8.0.0 (Clean Install - PowerShell)
WorkflowGen 8.0.0 (Clean Install - manual)


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