WorkflowGen 8.0.4

Portal and Administration

  • Bug (#3533): Fixed a browser caching issue with .js and .css static files where these files were not updated with the newer version from the web server after a WorkflowGen application upgrade. This would render the User Portal and Administration Module UIs to behave improperly.


  • All of the Node.js modules (GraphQL v5.0.4, Webhooks v6.0.5, Auth v3.0.3, and SCIM v3.0.3) now require Node.js version 14.16.1 LTS.

  • Please refer to all the WorkflowGen release notes (8.0.0, 8.0.1, 8.0.2, 8.0.3) for all the new features and changes in the new version 8.


  • Oracle database is no longer supported as of WorkflowGen version 7.16.0. We recommend migrating to MS SQL Server 2017 or later.

  • For clients currently hosting WorkflowGen on a database server older than MS SQL Server 2012, we highly recommend upgrading to MS SQL Server 2017 or later for the best performance.

Installation Packs

WorkflowGen 8.0.4 (Upgrade)
WorkflowGen 8.0.4 (Clean Install - PowerShell)
WorkflowGen 8.0.4 (Clean Install - manual)


WorkflowGen 8.0.4 Upgrade Guide: English - Français
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WorkflowGen 8.0 Technical Guide: English - Français
WorkflowGen 8.0 Administration Guide: English - Français
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There is a bug in the Advanced View of a search when a Date/Time data is displayed as a Long date format. It works fine if the format is Short date.

In Firefox, the error is:

In Chrome, the error is:


Thank you for reporting the issue.

We have isolated the JS error. It’s actually a bug in the third-party library that we have upgraded as part of version 8.

In the meantime, you can install the quick fix below until the next patch release.

  1. Download the patch from here
  2. Extract the zip, then copy and overwrite the jqxdata.js file inside the \Inetpub\wwwroot\wfgen\js\common\jqwidgets folder.


Hi @jianan.hsu,

Thanks for the patch. It works now.

You should really consider implementing paging to the Advanced View.

The widget is capable of this. Here is a demo:


Yes, we are aware of this functionality and request for improvement. It’s in our pipeline as part of future version 8 releases.