WorkflowGen 8.0.2 Beta


  • This is a BETA version.

  • There is a known browser caching issue with this version after upgrading the WorkflowGen server. We suggest installing the official version 8.0.4 instead, which includes a fix.


  • Bug (#178, #3476): Fixed some inconsistent data values in the Action volume and Action duration sections when filtering by the All process versions filter in the By Process statistics activity report.

  • Bug (#3509): Fixed an issue where synchronization bar and split bar actions with a pause appeared as late (i.e. action ID in red) in the graphical follow-up.

Configuration Panel

  • Bug (#3505): Remote Approval: Fixed an issue where an incorrect default value was inserted into the Refresh interval form field when the RemoteApprovalRefreshInterval parameter was not defined in the web.config.

Workflow Designer

  • Enhancement (#3468): Added the Keep direct loop action history option (checked by default) to all standard workflow apps and manual and split bar actions. When this option is unchecked, it allows reuse of the same action ID (i.e. single action ID) for all of the execution loops that only transition directly to the action itself.

Form Designer

  • Bug (#3404): Webforms in AJAX mode: Fixed a regression behavior (introduced in version 7.22.1 - #3352) where some fields were still required upon form submit even when they were hidden using the field/section behavior hidden condition.

    • Form Designer in Standard mode: Not affected by this issue.
    • Form Designer in AJAX mode: The web controls are now hidden via the Visible server-side property, as in the prior version 7.22.0, instead of using client-side CSS.

    Note: If your process form was saved in version 7.22.x and is affected by any of the 7.22.x form issues in AJAX mode, then it must be re-saved in order to apply the fixes.

    Current known issue in the Form Designer in AJAX mode

    • Some specific web controls, such as CheckBox, CheckBoxList, RadioButton, and ListBox will not submit their values when they are hidden (using the field behavior hidden condition) in the first page load event and then the form is submitted.

    • Workarounds

      • Make these fields or the section containing these fields read-only instead of hidden in the field/section behavior condition, the field/section behavior menu, or the action parameter.


      • Make these fields or the section containing these fields hidden using CSS in server-side code-behind (e.g. REQUEST.Style["display"]="none !important";) or in client-side JavaScript (e.g. document.getElementById("REQUEST").style.display="none !important";), and make sure they are not required.

Workflow Engine

  • Bug (#3494): Fixed an unexpected behavior issue in the workflow engine where it failed to evaluate a transition condition containing a duplicate macro tag.

Workflow Applications

  • Feature (#3480): Added new ADOBESIGNSEND and ADOBESIGNCHECK workflow applications (Abobe Sign integration apps).


  • Bug (#3506): GlobalLists: Fixed a regression issue (since version 8.0.1 - #3481) when loading a web form with a ListBox or DropDownList web control databound to a GlobalList where a 'More than one method with the specified name and parameters was found for ObjectDataSource...' exception error was raised at runtime.

Directory Synchronization Service (WorkflowGenDirSyncService)

  • Bug (#3499): Fixed a issue in the console mode where the directories specified in the /d or /directories parameters were not synchronized.

GraphQL v5.0.3, Webhooks v6.0.4, Auth v3.0.3 and SCIM v3.0.3

  • Updated Node.js vulnerable dependencies.


  • All of the Node.js modules (GraphQL v5.0.3, Webhooks v6.0.4, Auth v3.0.3, and SCIM v3.0.3) now require Node.js version 14.16.1 LTS.
  • Please refer to all the WorkflowGen beta release notes (8.0.0, 8.0.1) for all the new features and changes in the new version 8.


  • Oracle database is no longer supported as of WorkflowGen version 7.16.0. We recommend migrating to MS SQL Server 2017 or later.

  • For clients currently hosting WorkflowGen on a database server older than MS SQL Server 2012, we highly recommend upgrading to MS SQL Server 2017 or later for the best performance.

Installation Packs

WorkflowGen 8.0.2 (Upgrade)
WorkflowGen 8.0.2 (Clean Install - PowerShell)
WorkflowGen 8.0.2 (Clean Install - manual)


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