WorkflowGen 7.22.1

Important known issues

  • ASP.NET webforms in AJAX mode: There is a regression behavior since version 7.22.1 where some hidden web controls were still required on form submit. This issue might affect other web controls in AJAX mode.

    Note: If you currently use ASP.NET webforms in AJAX mode (Form Designer with AJAX enabled), we suggest staying in version 7.21.x in the meantime until we resolve the issue in a future release.

  • GraphQL activity.hasQuickApproval field: There is a regression behavior since version 7.22.1 where it incorrectly raised an Unauthorized access to the activity error on a system action such as a synchronization bar.

    Note: This issue affects the current WorkflowGen Plus mobile app where a system error is shown when displaying the actions list from the request details view if one of the actions is a system action.


  • Bug (#3337): Statistics data report: The export function was returning invalid CSV and TEXT content types in the HTTP response.

Directory Synchronization

  • Bug (#3305): Fixed a misleading If a user is archived field label in the directory edit form.

Workflow Applications

  • Bug (#3308): EXECSQL: Fixed a Specified cast is not valid exception error when returning an integer value from the SQL query result.

Form Designer

  • Bug (#3352): Webforms in AJAX mode: Fixed a regression issue (introduced in version 7.22.0) where the eWorld calendar picker and WorkflowFileUpload would behave unexpectedly after they were made visible from hidden using the field behavior hidden condition.

    • The eWorld calendar would raise a JavaScript error after clicking on the calendar icon.
    • WorkflowFileUpload would not upload and attach the file on the first try.

    Note: If your process form was saved in 7.22.0 and is affected by this issue then it must be re-saved in order to fix this issue.

  • Bug (#3348): Webforms: Fixed a regression issue (introduced in version 7.22.0) that would cause a JavaScript error in Internet Explorer 11 after saving a section or field behavior condition.

WorkflowGen.My v4.7.1

  • Bug (#3296): Fixed an unexpected object reference exception error when uploading a large file that was over the maximum request length.

GraphQL v4.2.1

  • Bug (#3351): Fixed a missing blobUrl required field for the action’s parameter FILE type.

  • Authorization (#3339): Restrict the action’s quick approval parameters access to only administrators, process managers, and standard users who are participants of the action.

  • Security (#3293): Support Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) protocol with IIS CORS module.

    For configuration details, see the Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) section in the WorkflowGen Integration Guide.


  • All of the Node.js modules (GraphQL v4.2.1, Webhooks v5.5.0, Auth v2.4.0, and SCIM v2.1.0) now require Node.js version 14.15.1 LTS.


  • Oracle database is no longer supported as of WorkflowGen version 7.16.0. We recommend migrating to MS SQL Server 2017 or later.

  • For clients currently hosting WorkflowGen on a database server older than MS SQL Server 2012, we highly recommend upgrading to MS SQL Server 2017 or later for the best performance.

Installation Packs

WorkflowGen 7.22.1 (Upgrade)
WorkflowGen 7.22.1 (Clean Install - PowerShell)
WorkflowGen 7.22.1 (Clean Install - manual)
WorkflowGen.My v4.7.1


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