WorkflowGen 5.7.0

Version 5.x support ends June 30, 2017

Support and maintenance for version 5.x will end on June 30, 2017. If you are still running version 5, we recommend you plan a migration, and we will be happy to help should you need any assistance.

New changes made on September 10, 2014 (Build 1026)

  • Fixed a regression bug due to #3451: SECURITY: Fixed a vulnerability in the EFormAspx workflow application.

New changes made on July 30, 2014 (Build 1025)

  • #3464: SECURITY: Improved HTTP status code (401) when user is not allowed to access the administration module.

New changes made on June 27, 2014 (Build 1024)

  • #3451: SECURITY: Fixed a vulnerability in the EFormAspx workflow application.

  • #3450: BUG: Administration: Fixed a column sorting error in the process participant list

  • #3447-3448: BUG: Form designer / Global lists: Support Chinese cultures with country code only.

  • #3446: BUG: Form designer: GridView: Columns using the label control were not bound to the form data.

New changes made on June 18, 2014 (Build 1023)

  • #3449: SECURITY: Fixed some vulnerabilities in the portal and statistics modules.

New changes made on June 10, 2014 (Build 1022)

  • #3445: BUG - Portal: Fixed an issue where it was not possible to save a view when using Oracle database.

New changes made on May 27, 2014 (Build 1021)

  • #3442: BUG - Portal: The Search result list in Standard mode was not scrollable.


  • #3302: NEW FEATURE - Search: Advanced reporting views. See Advanced View Overview.

  • #3438: PERFORMANCE - Portal homepage comments: Improved performance for SQL Server.

  • #3419: UPDATE - Portal search: Support case insensitive data text search for Oracle.

  • #3435: UPDATE - Notification: The SMTP default timeout is now set to 10 seconds instead of the default 100 seconds.

  • #3302: BUG - Portal search: Fixed an issue where the search was not functioning in single process mode.

  • #3439: BUG - Fixed an issue where Oracle raises the error ORA-01795 when displaying the portal homepage and menu lists with more than 1000 entries.

  • #3422, 3423, 3424, 3425, 3426: SECURITY: Fixed some vulnerabilities in the portal and administration modules.


  • #3397: NEW FEATURE - Form designer: Support multilingual forms See Form Designer multilingual forms Overview.

  • #3414: NEW FEATURE - Global Lists: Support multilingual lists.

  • #3415: NEW FEATURE - Form designer: Able to create or select an existing data when setting the mapping OUT of a field.

  • #3428: NEW FEATURE - Form designer: New ASP.NET code editor. See Form designer: .NET Code editor: Keyboard Shortcuts.

  • #3430: PERFORMANCE - Oracle: Added 2 new Indexes for the foreign keys of the process transition table.

  • #3437: SECURITY - EFormAspx: Security improvement.

  • #3441: UPDATE - Renaming a process data now updates the data name used in the action transition and notification conditions.

  • #3436: UPDATE - Improved the error message management when unable to rename a process with form designer.

  • #3429: UPDATE - Improved the action delete operation in the process design mode.

  • #3434: UPDATE - Flash workflow designer: Support for IE 11 in Standard mode.

  • #3403: UPDATE - Form designer: Display a confirmation message when an user clears the ASP.NET code-behind.

  • #3427: UPDATE - Form designer: Improvements and bug fixes.


  • Form Designer now prompt the user when clicking “New” in ASP.NET edition mode.

  • Mapping: “Retrieve the value” is changed to “Value IN” and “Send the value” is changed to “Value OUT” for a better distinction of their functionality.

  • Mapping: Added a label to display the selected macro from the list.

  • Mapping: Added the ability to select an existing data as a “Value OUT”, as well as specify a new data name.

  • Design: Added a “quick delete” feature. It is now possible to delete a field by selecting it and clicking on the new icon next to the Align button. It is also possible to delete the selected field by pressing the Delete key on the keyboard. By default, a confirmation message appears, but you can turn off this notification message in the Form Configuration window.

  • Design: Adding a field after an inline field will also make it inline.

  • Design: Added a feature to enter a specific width to the form. When set, the form will no longer resize automatically. You can find this option in the Form Configuration window, under “Sections”.

  • Design: Added a button to clear the translations in the Form Configuration Window.

  • The focus is now set on the OK button when the quick delete confirmation message shows up.

  • Improved the field selection behaviour.

  • Security: Lists data-bind now support only the SELECT SQL statement. The semicolon is also forbidden.

  • Reduced the sensitivity of fields drag drop to prevent an accidental drag.

Bug fixes

  • Mapping: Multiple macros correctly display in the Value IN textarea. (i.e. <WF_USER_FIRSTNAME> <WF_USER_LASTNAME>).

  • Mapping: On a small screen, the Workflow panel no longer hides the value OUT popup.

  • Save as tool: Fixed an issue where the “oid” attribute used by the form designer was saved along with the template.

  • Custom attributes now support the dash “-” character.

  • Fixed an issue with double quotes in field caption labels.

  • Mouse over a label field no longer resets its tooltip.

  • Fixed an issue with ID validation that allowed special characters like parentheses.

  • Fixed an issue with the GridView buttons displaying for mobiles in Firefox desktop browser.

  • Changing the control type in a GridView column no longer resets its ID.

  • GridView columns in read-only mode now respect the width specified at design.

  • Importing an existing process containing a GridView correctly apply the style to the GridView.

  • A GridView aligned horizontally no longer appears in front of other fields.

  • Fixed an issue with expressions in a GridView footer if the GridView contained a DateTime formatted field.

  • Fixed an issue where the calendar of a DateTime field would sometime overlap another element in the form.

  • Labels in GridView now support expressions and static text.

  • Fixed an issue with the “textarea with no border” control of the community site.

  • Fixed an issue when adding a smaller field after a large field aligned horizontally.

  • Selecting the last field on a row now highlights the correct area, instead of the whole row.

  • Labels in GridView body now support expressions and static text.

  • Adding an inline field now sets the align button to the correct state.

  • Editing text input content no longer sets the cursor at the end of the text on each key press.

  • Firefox: Corrected a bug specific to Firefox that would not detect a mouse click on some UI elements.

  • Firefox: Dragging a field while its caption is being edited no longer causes the text input to remain visible.

  • ASP.NET: Editor now supports the following chain of characters: -->

  • ASP.NET: Corrected a bug where an exception could be raised when saving for the second time without refreshing the page.

  • The label is now visible in the quick delete confirmation message for all localisations.

  • If the form has a fixed width, the width will still be adjusted when opening the field properties dialog. It will return to its fixed width when all dialogs are closed.

  • #3401: BUG - Form designer: Fixed a date and numeric validation issue in the mapping / retrieve the value / text field.

  • #3404: BUG - Form designer: Fixed an issue where a text containing multiple macros was not displayed in the mapping / retrieved the value / text field.

  • #3405: BUG - Form designer: Fixed an issue where the ‘Save as tool’ function was saving the current section or field OID attribute into the template file.

  • #3410: BUG - Form designer: Fixed a css compatibility issue with Firefox and the Grid views tool buttons in the form css templates.

  • #3411: BUG - Form designer: Support the dash character (-) in the field’s custom attribute name.

  • #3412: BUG - Form designer: Behaviour / Retrieve the value / Display the selected macro text.

  • #3413: BUG - Form designer: Fixed an encoding issue when a label text contains a double quote character.

  • #3440: BUG - Fixed a bug where it was not possible to set a negative value as a default value of a numeric process data.

  • #3400: BUG - Action parameter : The default value of a TEXT process data was duplicated after saving the data when the process is active.

  • #3406: BUG - Global Lists: Fixed an issue where a form designers listbox or drop down list data bind settings did not show the columns of a data bound global list.

  • #3407: BUG - Notification: Fixed an issue where a data macro value is not displayed in the email notification when the data visibility option is unchecked.

Web Service API

  • #3402: PERFORMANCE - Database transaction management optimization in the CompleteActivityInstance(FromThreadIndex) and GetActivityInstanceContext(FromThreadIndex) web methods.