WorkflowGen 5.5.5

Version 5.x support ends June 30, 2017

Support and maintenance for version 5.x will end on June 30, 2017. If you are still running version 5, we recommend you plan a migration, and we will be happy to help should you need any assistance.

New changes in 5.5.5 r2

  • #3290: BUG - Form designer: Fixed a layout issue in the calendar of a date input field in a GridView.

Note: The CSS files \wfgen\App_Data\Templates\Forms[lang]\Default\css*.css have been updated in this new release.


  • #3264: PERFORMANCE - Mono-process lists performance optimization.

  • #3260: UPDATE - The application complete now supports a WorkflowGen context without the schema definition.

  • #3262: UPDATE - Added word-break style to the portal comments text.

  • #3270: UPDATE - Web Service API: It is now possible to disabled the email and URL detection with the EngineNotificationTextDetection parameter.

  • #3231: BUG - Comments should not be displayed in bold or as a new comment when it is posted by the user itself.

  • #3232: BUG - The portal menu was in multi-process mode when the homepage was in mono-process mode.

  • #3257: BUG - The schema definition was not embedded in the XML context sent to the application instance when the XML schema is WorkflowGen and the “Embed schema definition in the xml” option is checked.

  • #3258: BUG - The portal delegation notification was containing a start and end dates that are in GMT/UTC format.

  • #3269: BUG - Web Service API: The GetProcessInstanceList returns an invalid DateTime value for a DateTime associated data when the parameter UTC is equal to True.


  • #3259: NEW - New process version macro.

  • #3261: NEW - Workflow application: Support web service methods that uses the SOAP message in RPC format.

  • #3263: NEW - Workflow application: Support application/xml encoding for Workflow applications built with WCF service.

  • #3267: NEW - New ActivityInstance.Count macro.

  • #3271: NEW - XMLToDatabase: Support the new TRANSACTIONS_TEXT and TRANSACTIONS_FILE parameters for passing the transaction file via the action parameters.

  • #3272: NEW - XMLToDatabase: Support one transaction file definition on the server per transaction name.

  • #3274: NEW - Form designer: Support required validation for WorkflowFileUpload, CheckBoxList, CheckBox, RadioButton and UserControl tools in the Behaviour menu.

  • #3275: NEW - Form designer: Support read-only for UserControl in the Behaviour menu.

  • #3277: NEW - Form designer: Support required validation for WorkflowFileUpload, CheckBoxList, CheckBox, RadioButton, GridView and UserControl tools in field condition.

  • #3278: NEW - Form designer: Support read-only for WorkflowFileUpload and UserControl in field condition.

  • #3265: PERFORMANCE - The FORM_HTML process data is now read-only when creating a new empty process or using a process template.

  • #3285: PERFORMANCE - Form designer: Improve the response time when opening the Id, Tooltip and Format menu.

  • #3276: UPDATE - Form designer: Added some missing properties that are managed by the WorkflowFileUpload control.

  • #3279: UPDATE - Form designer: Improved text values visibility and alignment in GridView controls.

  • #3280: UPDATE - Form designer: GridView columns width are now set with the same width of the edit control.

  • #3283: UPDATE - Directory synchronization: Disabled the ‘Data to synchronize users’ checkbox since the users synchronization is always required.

  • #3266: BUG - Form designer: The ToolTip attribute was missing in the single RadioButton and CheckBox in the rendered web form.

  • #3281: BUG - Form designer: Label controls width were not properly set in a GridView.

  • #3282: BUG - Fixed an encoding issue after saving the process data description when the process is active.