WorkflowGen 5.1.6

Version 5.x support ends June 30, 2017

Support and maintenance for version 5.x will end on June 30, 2017. If you are still running version 5, we recommend you plan a migration, and we will be happy to help should you need any assistance.


  • #2,737: NEW FEATURE - WorkflowGen Web Service API New Features and Updates.
  • #2,671: UPDATE - User names in participant user selection lists are now properly ordered by last name then first name.
  • #2,726: UPDATE - It is now possible to raise an assignment exception when a team action assignment is filtered using a process data.
  • #2,694: PERFORMANCE - The portal, statistic and portlet modules are now improved in response time when hosted on MS SQL Server database.
  • #2,553: BUG - The ok button was not functional in the add view window under Mozilla browsers (Firefox and Safari).
  • #2,672: BUG - DateTime values received by system or sdk actions using the ADO schema WorkflowGen context were not properly converted with the appropriate DateTime format.
  • #2,680: BUG - Process supervisor will now have access to the request or action follow-up form when all supervisor permissions are disabled.
  • #2,681: BUG - Process data with disabled visibility on follow-up form are now available as follow-up search criteria for users with manager access.
  • #2,682: BUG - Delegated users were receiving security errors on the follow-up forms or file attachments when accessing from their email notification of actions in self-service mode.
  • #2,683: BUG - Condition evaluation on numeric values were failing when current user selected culture is other than en-US.
  • #2,690: BUG - The Portal add/edit Views form were not functional under Mozilla browsers (Firefox / Safari).
  • #2,692: BUG - The process or action date limit were not properly calculated when the start date falls into a non working day or holiday.
  • #2,699: BUG - A sub-process action start exception was raised when the requester selected language is not defined.
  • #2,706: BUG - The advanced and follow-up actions searches with category filtering were always returning empty or invalid results.
  • #2,717: BUG - An exception error was raised when downloading a file without extension from the follow-up form.
  • #2,727: BUG - An invalid automatic notification was sent to users when a team action todo was started from the WorkflowGen engine Windows service.
  • #2,728: BUG - The engine condition evaluation was failing in some cases when the not equal “<>” operator is used in the condition.
  • #2,735: BUG - Sub-process actions were always hidden in the request follow-up form in administration mode.
  • #2,736: BUG - A database connection pool timeout exception was raised from the WorkflowGen Engine service when there are a large quantity of overdue actions.


  • #1,376: NEW FEATURE - WorkflowGen Windows Service now supports several instances of WorkflowGen.
  • #2,708: UPDATE - A version plugin error was raised when displaying the workflow designer on Macromedia Flash player 10.
  • #2,675: PERFORMANCE - Directory Sync: The merging of user-group relationships on local and remote data was optimized in performance.
  • #2,674: BUG - Action form help text were not properly encoded for html display.
  • #2,676: BUG - The administration’s ‘add new delegation’ function was not fully supported under Mozilla browsers (Firefox and Safari).
  • #2,695: BUG - The diagnostic module failed after a fresh install (empty database) with Oracle 9i.
  • #2,696: BUG - The diagnostic module could raised an exception on Oracle with the error : “ORA-00904: “NVARCHAR”: invalid identifier”.
  • #2,704: BUG - An exception error was raised in the delegation list and form on Oracle database.
  • #2,730: BUG - An exception error was raised when no form fields are found during the upload of a pdf file into a process data of File type.