WorkflowGen 5.0.39

Version 5.x support ends June 30, 2017

Support and maintenance for version 5.x will end on June 30, 2017. If you are still running version 5, we recommend you plan a migration, and we will be happy to help should you need any assistance.


  • #1866: PER - Optimized performance for closing or aborting a request when the process archive associated data option is unchecked.
  • #2474: BUG - Action date/time limit was not calculated properly when action start date/time was not within the system working hour begin and end.
  • #2496: BUG - A SQL exception was raised when sending custom notification with a recipient ‘action assignee’.
  • #2500: BUG - Other user’s views were deleted when an user deletes his selected view.
  • #2501: BUG - The associated data in custom email notification was not properly filtered based on each receiver permission.
  • #2508: BUG - The workflow engine was failing to launch the next system action in a process when the engine is started by the scheduled engine Window service.
  • #2511: BUG - ZIP file attachment download from the follow-up form gets corrupted when HTTP compression ‘gzip’ setting is used in the web server.
  • #2514: BUG - File attachment downloads from email notification sent by the Engine Windows service now supports Secure Mode only.
  • #2516: BUG - EFormAspx: Process data value was not erased when the form field returns an empty value.
  • #2494: BUG - XmlToDatabase: XML field value were trimmed when inserting into database.
  • #2517: BUG - Request relative identifier of a new process was not starting from 1.
  • #2532: BUG - An Oracle SQL exception error was raised when opening the portal Requests menu.
  • #2534: BUG - A ‘File does not exist’ error was raised when launching a new workflow request.
  • #2542: BUG - A Javascript error was raised after selecting an user from the portal header delegate list.
  • #2543: BUG - Some portal pages were not refreshed properly after switching from normal to mono-process or delegation mode.
  • #2548: BUG - The past due filter fails to filter overdue actions in the Follow-up search.
  • #2552: BUG - Oracle: An exception error was raised when completing an action which contains many outgoing transitions with conditions.
  • #2556: BUG - Oracle: An exception error was raised when the ghost request deletion function is running on an Oracle database environment.
  • #2557: BUG - The additional cancel assignment notification was not functional.
  • #2493: FCT - WorkflowGen v5 now supports French Canadian (fr-CA) localization by default.
  • #2546: FCT - WorkflowGen v5 now supports German (de-DE) localization by default.
  • #2559: BUG - Oracle: An exception error was raised when filtering the user assign list in the action follow-up form.
    -#2560: BUG - Oracle: An exception error was raised when sorting any portal requests or actions list on associated data columns.


  • #2484: BUG - Some process definition warnings regarding transition exceptions were erroneously displayed in the process report.
  • #2499: BUG - The process import function is now case insensitive when validating process xpdl file name.
  • #2510: BUG - Test request launch validation was missing in the process list of a folder.
  • #2539: BUG - A Javascript error was raised in the add new user form.
  • #2521: BUG - The customized banner URL test was always displaying an error message indicating the URL is not valid.
  • #2549: BUG - It is now possible to disable the Delete the ghost requests feature by setting the value to 0 in the configuration panel.
  • #2502: BUG - Directory Synchronization: Remote data load errors are now logged for group members and user managers.
  • #2551: BUG - The directory synchronization fails in LDAP mode when the ObjectSid is not specified in the same character cases as reference in the application.
  • #2540: BUG - The directory synchronization Windows service was running indefinitely at a very high CPU consumption time.
  • #2550: BUG - The directory synchronization Windows service was not supporting logs in other WorkflowGen standard languages than English US.
  • #2533: FCT - The working hour begin and end now supports ‘00’ hour in the configuration panel.
  • #2522: FCT - The directory synchronization now supports the secure connection mode (Secure Sockets Layer).