WorkflowGen v5.0.35

Version 5.x support ends June 30, 2017

Support and maintenance for version 5.x will end on June 30, 2017. If you are still running version 5, we recommend you plan a migration, and we will be happy to help should you need any assistance.


  • #2201: BUG - eFormAspx: The temporary action files in the storage path were not emptied when re-launching an eformAspx action.
  • #2212: BUG - Views: An exception was raised when deleting a view in Oracle.
  • #2218: BUG - Request and action time limit were incorrect when used with the working days/hours in the calculation.
  • #2240: BUG - The homepage to-do list displays an embedded sub-process action like an action to-do.
  • #2242: BUG - Process data filters were not displayed in the search form when filtering on a specific sub-process for all versions.
  • #2244: BUG - File content type is now set when downloading from WorkflowGen.
  • #2254: BUG - Assignment cancellation was not processed by the engine service.
  • #2257: BUG - Sub-process completion SQL error “field NAME doesn’t exists” is now fixed.
  • #2261: BUG - RaiseException and XmlTrans action fails with an assembly file load error.
  • #2268: BUG - Home page: Automatic to the person actions are now removed from Actions to assign.
  • #2269: BUG - Overdue additional notification was not sent when the action is not assigned such as in self-service.
  • #2271: BUG- Statistics: An exception of object must be of string type was raised in Activity statistics.
  • #2280: BUG - Request follow-up form: Associated data: For Date process data, Time is now displayed in the request/action follow-up form as a tooltip.
  • #2283: BUG - EformASPX and EFormPDF converts OUT PARAMETER date time value into Server time zone instead of UTC.
  • #1862: BUG - Time Limit is still running even if the request is closed in the request follow-up list.
  • #1944: BUG - An exception is raised when evaluation a condition with syntax errors.
  • #2077: BUG - Process data filter items was not listed by their display order.
  • #2265: BUG - eFormPDF: Time data is not converted into a time value when System.Time macro is used.
  • #2276: BUG - A SQL exception is raised when the category selection is changed on various reports (search and follow-up) of the Portal Module.
  • #2279: BUG - When entering a non numeric value into the Request# of a search you get a Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar.


  • #2228: BUG - Workflow: Adding a transition from the action’s next action tab was failing to update the Flash graphical workflow.
  • #1857: BUG - An error was raised when updating a table that has a reserved keyword suchas a column name in Oracle.
  • #2191: BUG - Application: A SQL exception was raised when adding a new application parameter in Oracle database.
  • #2262: BUG - Windows service: Some assembly files were missing in the WorkflowGen Windows Service folder.
  • #2273: BUG - Setup: Oracle scripts installation issue is now fixed.
  • #2181: BUG - Users: It is now not possible to change a user to inactive while being the last associated user of a participant.
  • #2182: BUG - Workflow: An exception was raised when adding multiple parameters in a process action.
  • #2183: BUG - Process data: An exception was raised when saving a process data Text changing from File type.
  • #2229: BUG - Workflow: The icon size fields were hidden after switching from parameter to Information tab in the graphical mode.
  • #1912: BUG - PDF Form fields are not cached inthetemporary file when using the process data form fields selection.
  • #2289: BUG - Process Participant list header style was incorrect.