WorkflowGen 5.6.0

Version 5.x support ends June 30, 2017

Support and maintenance for version 5.x will end on June 30, 2017. If you are still running version 5, we recommend you plan a migration, and we will be happy to help should you need any assistance.


  • #3197: NEW FEATURE - Web Service API: The portlet is now available in the Web Service API.

  • #3286: NEW FEATURE / PERFORMANCE - Process definition / Action: New option to complete an action in background mode. (See Workflow: Complete an action in background mode for more information.)

  • #3287: UPDATE - Request and action follow-up forms refresh with main icon, title and refresh button.

  • #3314: UPDATE - CSS improvements.

  • #3117: UPDATE - Additional notification: Data value of DateTime and Numeric are now formatted to the server’s default notification language culture and working hours time zone when the recipient is an email address.

  • #3298: BUG - Fixed a compatibility issue for IE 10 where it shows a blank page after submitting a web form.

  • #3303: BUG - Authentication and Session: An exception error was raised when the ApplicationSessionTimeOut parameter is greater than 0 and the authentication method is Applicative WorkflowGen.

  • #3308: BUG - Fixed an issue where the Oracle database was sporadically raising an exception error (ORA-01424) when starting a new request.

  • #3315: BUG - Fixed an issue where sometime the action menu is not displayed after starting an action.

  • #3324, 3325, 3326, 3327: BUG - Fixed some vulnerabilities in the user portal.


  • #3173: NEW FEATURE - Global lists : Create and manage global lists used in the form designer’s listbox and dropdownlistbox tools.

  • #3184: NEW FEATURE - Multi-activity instances creation for the automatic to the person assignment method using a process data containing a list of username separated by comma or a participant with a list of persons (see Workflow: activity's multi instances management for more information).

  • #3295: UPDATE - Increased the size of the database column WFACTIVITY_PARAM.PARAM to 2000 characters.

  • #3297: UPDATE - Increased the input field character limits of action parameter name, text value and process data text value.

  • #3309: UPDATE - Flash workflow designer: Support for IE 9 and 10 in Standard mode.

  • #3310: UPDATE - Configuration panel: CSS improvements.

  • #3311: UPDATE - Form designer: Support monitor in XGA (1024x768) and lower resolutions.

  • #3313: UPDATE - CSS improvements.

  • #3320: UPDATE - German resources update.

  • #3289: BUG - Form designer: Fixed an exception error when the GridView TemplateField’s controlstyle-width property was set to a non Unit value.

  • #3291: BUG - Form designer: Fixed a resizing issue with ListBox, DropDownListBox and Attachment tools with in IE.

  • #3294: BUG - Form designer: List data-bind / the SQL DataSource now supports a parameter with static value.

  • #3304: BUG - Form designer: The form editor will load continuously when enabling an edit field menu while having a field settings windows opened.

  • #3305: BUG - Form designer: Fixed a Chrome and Firefox browser compatibility issue where the TextBox and TextArea tools were not keeping their value after saving the form.

  • #3312: BUG - Form designer: Fixed a compatibility issue with IE 8 and 9/10 (compatibility mode) where the mobile css are missing in the generated web form.

  • #3318: BUG - Form designer: Fixed an issue where some HTML attributes value were not properly encoded in the generated web form (ASPX).

  • #3292: BUG - Chrome compatibility: Fixed a delete button issue where it disappears after clicking on it.

  • #3319: BUG - Directory module: Fixed a compatibility issue for Chrome where the delete button disappears after clicking (part 2 of #3292).

  • #3293: BUG - Fixed a transition duplication issue in the built-in simple request process template.

  • #3296: BUG - The FORM_HTML data deletion is not permitted when the process is in built-in form designer mode.

  • #3301: BUG - EFormAspx: An exception error was raised when loading the web form by sending in a null/empty DateTime or Numeric value into a form field.

  • #3321: BUG - Fixed an issue where it was not possible to delete a process data when the process is used as a sub-process but the data is not defined as a sub-process parameter.

  • #3322: BUG - Built-in process templates: Fixed an issue where the Date fields were displaying the previous date value.

  • #3328: BUG - Chrome and Firefox compatibility: Fixed an issue where the activity automatic notification were not saved when clicked on the save and close button.


  • #3317: UPDATE - Form designer: Mobile CSS improvements.

  • #3306: BUG - Form designer: Fixed a CSS issue in the default style templates where the save-as-draft button is set to hidden but is still displayed in the web form when viewed in a mobile device.

WorkflowGen.My and WorkflowFileUpload

  • This release includes WorkflowGen.My and WorkflowFileUpload version 2.3.2