Workflow: Complete an action in background mode

A new feature introduced in WorkflowGen version 5.6 allows for completion of actions in the background.

This means that the end-user doesn’t have to wait for the action completion to be redirected to the request follow-up form or the User Portal home page (according to the redirection setting defined in by the administrator in the Configuration Panel). This improves both user experience and productivity.

This feature is only available for the following action types:

  • Web applications (e.g. EFORMASPX)

  • Manual actions

When to use background completion

  • When you have a web service called just after a web form–based action.

  • When you have a lot of notifications defined when an action is completed.

  • When you have a sub-process action triggered after a web form based action.

Side effect

When redirected to the request follow-up form, the user might not see the next actions to do because some processing is still ongoing in the background. A refresh link is available in the request follow-up form to update the action lists.

How to activate action background completion

In the Workflow Designer, double-click the action to open the Edit action panel. On the Information tab, check Complete the action in background for the Completion mode setting.