WorkflowGen 5.2

Version 5.x support ends June 30, 2017

Support and maintenance for version 5.x will end on June 30, 2017. If you are still running version 5, we recommend you plan a migration, and we will be happy to help should you need any assistance.


  • #2841: NEW FEATURE - It is now possible to post comments on an open request.
  • #2888: NEW FEATURE - Request quick search in portal menu.
  • #2892: NEW FEATURE - It is now possible to launch an action from the follow-up form in supervisor mode.
  • #2905: NEW FEATURE - It is now possible toperform afastswitch ofthe request and action follow-up forms between the user and administrator access modes.
  • #2910: NEW FEATURE - It is now possible to search requests or actions by username in the supervisor mode search.
  • #2664: NEW FEATURE - It is now possible to force the page redirection after completing an action even if the user is assigned to the next action to do (in web form code).
  • #2798: NEW FEATURE - New SQL Views that include information on file data and comments.
  • #2921: NEW FEATURE - WorkflowGen can now generate html pages for submit and cancel backurls.
  • #2714: UPDATE - Merge of the Portal’s Search and Follow-up in a single search function.
  • #2936: UPDATE - Increase virtual group and supervisor limited scope queries to a maximum length of 2000 characters.
  • #2917: UPDATE - Web Service API: Process and activity instance lists now returns full requester and assignee user profile information.
  • #2916: UPDATE - Web Service API: Process and activity instance lists now supports request number filtering.
  • #2927: UPDATE - Web Service API: Activity instance list now returns request data.
  • #2923: UPDATE - Web Service API: Activity Instance list now returns the request time limit and closed dates.
  • #2911: UPDATE - Web Service API: New template macros for process data description and file information.
  • #2915: UPDATE - Web Service API: Web methods that returns RSS feeds now supports displaying DateTime values in UTC format (W3C).
  • #2944: UPDATE - The portlet RSS now returns publish dates in the GMT format RFC 822.
  • #2938: UPDATE - Increase the request associated data popup window height.
  • #2804: BUG - Some activity instance mapto table triggers were not created in the WorkflowGen database.
  • #2883: BUG - The Engine and Directory Synchronization services no longer resets the configured Application and System Event Logs retention.
  • #2887: BUG - Resolved an error in StartProcess of the Web Service API and in ProcessStartRemote of WorkflowGen when using the DataSet Workflow context format.
  • #2893: BUG - The follow-up search form Requester’s lastname and Assignee lastname fields were sometime displaying incorrect characters encoding after a “refine search”.
  • #2902: BUG - Resolved the Portal’s follow-up form Cascading style sheets error on the associated data table for Mozilla.
  • #2906: BUG - The days off resource file of the French culture was not up to date.
  • #2919: BUG - A type conversion error could be raised in the portal’s request or action list with data columns when one of the process data’s type was changed in the newer version.
  • #2922: BUG - Web Service API: HTML encode text values in XML output.
  • #2924: BUG - Custom email notifications were sent to the same last assignee when there were many instances of the same action in a request.
  • #2925: BUG - Some iframes were generating http 404 errors on the WorkflowGen web server.
  • #2931: BUG - An object reference error was sometime raised when downloading a file attachment.
  • #2937: BUG - Statistics: A missing SQL parameter error was raised in the data report when launching a saved view of a previously deleted process.
  • #2939: BUG - The associated data of a request were erased on an intermittent basis when deleting a process with an id equal to the request id.
  • #2948:UPDATE - To increase performance, all WorkflowGen configuration files now have their compilation settings set by default to release mode as opposed to debug mode.