WorkflowGen 5.3

Version 5.x support ends June 30, 2017

Support and maintenance for version 5.x will end on June 30, 2017. If you are still running version 5, we recommend you plan a migration, and we will be happy to help should you need any assistance.


  • #2985: NEW FEATURE - Archiving module: Automatic redirection to the archiving website when the request or file data was not found on the production website.
  • #2972: NEW FEATURE - Display date and numeric data in custom formats and automatic detection of URLs and emails in text data.
  • #2971: NEW FEATURE - Add custom sections in the portal homepage.
  • #2970: NEW FEATURE - Customize column order in the search and statistics data result views.
  • #2969: NEW FEATURE - Display process and action description instead of codename.
  • #2958: NEW FEATURE - Quick navigation through the portal lists by form.
  • #2953: NEW FEATURE - A new parameter limits the number of returned result in search and statistic data result views.
  • #2867: NEW FEATURE - It is now possible to include file attachments in WorkflowGen’s email notification.
  • #2304: NEW FEATURE - Sharing of views between participants.
  • #2980: UPDATE - Security check improvement when user is associated to many process supervisors with limited scope.
  • #2978: UPDATE - Support of Office 2007/2010 files MIME type in the file data download.
  • #2979: BUG - Additional notifications that were sent to the delegate user were missing the parameter ID_USER_DELEGATOR in the request/action follow-up and launch links.
  • #2962: BUG - eFormPDF: Temporary files cleanup now uses recursive delete operation.
  • #2952: BUG - A JavaScript error was raised when the portal page was automatically refreshed for users with no access to comments.
  • #2950: BUG - eFormPDF: Required fields were not colorized in red.


  • #2990: NEW FEATURE - Support of embedded images in standard notification templates.
  • #2746: NEW FEATURE - Change item’s order in the list of process data in the administration module by drag n 'drop.
  • #2989: UPDATE - In the configuration panel, the default sender is proposed in the SMTP email testing function.
  • #2960: UPDATE - Support of IIS 7.0+ application pools in Integrated mode for Applicative authentication.
  • #2954: UPDATE - The directory synchronization AD and LDAP connectors now supports Distinguished Names with the slash special character in the attribute value.
  • #2977: UPDATE - Fixed a bad translation resource in the administration module when replacing an existing user with another user.
  • #2996: BUG - The group code field was never updated when performing a directory synchronization.