WorkflowGen 5.7.1

Version 5.x support ends June 30, 2017

Support and maintenance for version 5.x will end on June 30, 2017. If you are still running version 5, we recommend you plan a migration, and we will be happy to help should you need any assistance.


  • #3457 - UPDATE: Advanced reporting views: Formula: Custom column alignment.

  • #3458 - UPDATE: Advanced reporting views: JavaScript: Import formula to JavaScript.

  • #3459 - UPDATE: Advanced reporting views: Footer now uses the same format and alignment as the column values.

  • #3462 - UPDATE: Advanced reporting views: Overall improvements and bugs fixes.

  • #3463 - UPDATE: Added the process name macro for the request closure and abort notifications.

  • #3468 - BUG: Statistics: Fixed a javascript issue which prevented the graphical charts to display properly in the report.

  • #3469 - BUG: Advanced reporting Views: Fixed an encoding issue in the export function.

  • #3470 - BUG: IE Compatibility: The portal module was not set to the Standard document mode after launching a process test from the administration module.

  • #3471 - BUG: IE9 Compatibility: Fixed an UI alignment issue in the portal module menu.

  • #3478 - BUG: Fixed a regression bug due to #3451: SECURITY: Fixed a vulnerability in the EFormAspx workflow application.


  • #3431 - NEW FEATURE: Form designer: Undo and Redo.

  • Allows to cancel or re-apply a change made to the form such as the field’s position, id, tooltip, format, appearance, behaviour and mapping.

  • #3444 - NEW FEATURE: Form designer: Form appearance.

  • Allows to customize the styling and layout of the form sections and fields (Label and field).

  • #3460 - UPDATE: New condition editor in process transition and notification.

  • #3461 - UPDATE: Form designer: New code editor in various places of the form designer (Web references, Form fields, Manage custom tools).

  • #3465 - UPDATE: Global Lists: Increase the limit of number of columns to 20.

  • Requires WorkflowGen database upgrade. Refer to the WorkflowGen 5.7.1 upgrade guide.

  • #3475 - UPDATE: Form designer: Fields drag and drop behaviour improvement (True WYSIWYG without layout change when dragging).

  • #3472 - UPDATE: Administration: Fixed an issue where the action’s automatic notifications were not saved when adding a new additional notification.

  • #3477 - UPDATE: Fixed an issue in the web configuration file for the WS API and WS workflow applications to support IIS 7+ with an application pool in Integrated managed pipeline mode.

  • #3452 - SECURITY: Fixed some vulnerabilities in the Administration module.

  • #3464 - SECURITY: Return a HTTP status code (401) when the user is not allowed to access the administration module.

  • #3466 - SECURITY: Global Lists: Added CSRF protection.

  • #3453 - BUG: Fixed a regression issue where an exception error was raised when activating some selected users from the user list.

  • #3476 - BUG: Built-in process template: Fixed a date calculation issue in the GridView of the Leave application process.

Web Service API

  • #3454 - BUG: GetProcessInstanceFormData returns an error if the form data is stored in the database.

  • #3473 - BUG: Web Service API: Fixed a duplicate key issue when calling a Web Service API method consecutively.