WorkflowGen 5.7.2

Version 5.x support ends June 30, 2017

Support and maintenance for version 5.x will end on June 30, 2017. If you are still running version 5, we recommend you plan a migration, and we will be happy to help should you need any assistance.

New changes made on February 12, 2015 (Build 4)

  • #3508 - UPDATE: German resources pack: Translation, form designer templates and processes templates.

  • #3505 - BUG: Database creation: Fixed an issue in the CreateWFGSQLDatabase.vbs script to support MS SQL Server 2012 and higher.

  • #3507 - BUG: Advanced reporting views: It is now possible to display the result as a customizable report as the default option.

  • #3511 - BUG: Advanced reporting views: Fixed a Time limit display issue.

  • #3512 - BUG: Advanced reporting views: Fixed an exception error when searching for user actions.

  • #3506 - BUG: Form designer: Multi-languages: Fixed a tooltip translation issue for the single CheckBox and RadioButton tools.

  • #3510 - BUG: Form designer: ASP.NET Editor: Fixed a compatibility issue with IE 9.


  • #3486 - PERFORMANCE: Improvement in Portal homepage comments response time.

  • #3495 - PERFORMANCE: License validation improvement.

  • #3498 - PERFORMANCE: WorkflowGen Session-less.

  • #3490 - UPDATE: Advanced reporting views improvements:

  • Advanced view is now checked by default in the search form.

  • Scrollbar positions are maintained after an operation.

  • Improved stability in the search/result state management.

  • Improved calculation result in the Formula/JavaScript.

  • UI improvement for the Formula/JavaScript tabs.

  • Fixed a regression javascript error where it prevented the ‘Edit/Save as view’ dialog from opening.

  • Fixed an UI Formula/JavaScript tabs refresh issue when creating a new column.

  • #3480 - BUG: Portal: Fixed a menu switching issue after completing a web form action.

  • #3484 - BUG: Portal: Fixed a response time issue when starting a new request from a URL with a BACKURL_SUBMIT specified.

  • #3496 - BUG: Fixed an action assignment error when the username is an email address.

  • #3497 - BUG: The action complete in background mode now supports Assembly system actions that were introduced in WorkflowGen 5.7.0

  • #3499 - BUG: Workflow application: Support assembly based built-in workflow applications (Raise Exception, Complete action, Update process data, etc.) when started from WorkflowGen Engine service (e.g. after an action overdue cancellation or a restart of a synchronization bar).

Important: For clients using Raise Exception (since 5.6.2), Complete action (since 5.6.3) or Get process data (since 5.6.4), etc., we suggest upgrading to this release.


  • #3481 - PERFORMANCE: Added some new database table Indexes.

  • #3485 - UPDATE: Additional notification: Supports email templates in HTML format with content that starts with a doctype or an HTML tag that has attributes.

  • #3491 - UPDATE: Form designer improvements:

  • Added two new tools: Link and button can be used in the form designer.

  • Appearance: Fixed an incorrect tooltip on the pencil edit button (Advanced mode).

  • Appearance: Fixed a UI issue in the colour dialog in Internet Explorer and Firefox when the current user language is French.

  • Appearance: Removed the height property for a file upload tool.

  • Appearance: Support negative margin values.

  • Appearance: Fixed some consistency issues when applying the same styles to many fields.

  • Appearance: Fixed a compatibility issue with Internet Explorer 10 when setting a field caption width to 0 px.

  • Appearance: Ability to specify no background image.

  • Appearance: Removed the height style on single line text and password inputs, allowing you to apply styles from a textarea without changing the height of the textbox or password input and vice-versa.

  • Appearance: Fixed an issue where the toolbar buttons would not appear as selected even after clicking them when the browser does not support the style (e.g. the bold button on a DropdownListBox in Safari).

  • Appearance: Fixed an issue where the height of the ListBox tool could not be edited in the Appearance editor advanced mode window, which also prevented it from applying the height style to multiple ListBoxes.

  • Appearance: Fixed an issue that prevented the advanced appearance window of the section from opening in Internet Explorer 8.

  • Mapping: Fixed a tooltip display issue on a field when the toolitp text is long.

  • Fixed a field value issue in the MASTER_DATA_MGT_TEMPLATE process template in English.

  • Fixed an issue where a field loses its tabindex when set to read-only initially then becoming active afterward.

  • Fixed an issue with the Redo/Undo function and the Appearance editor after duplicating a field.

  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to add a new field when the settings dialog of an existing field is open.

  • Fixed a display issue where the form designer window was wider than its toolbar.

  • Fixed an issue where the width set to the field caption labels from the appearance mode was reset when editing the field caption label.

  • Fixed an UI bug in the form configuration popup.

  • Corrected a bug that made sections getting larger after moving a field when the sections width is set to a fixed value in the form configuration.

  • Selecting a field or section while editing a label now triggers the focus out event on the label text edit input.

  • Reduced the occurrence of tooltips remaining visible.

  • Fixed an issue that would reset the width of a field caption when editing the text after setting a custom width in the appearance mode.

  • Fixed an issue where changing the labels alignment (e.g. from right alignment to top) did not resize the sections width.

  • Fixed an issue where editing the field captions text did not resize the sections width while typing. The sections width will now enlarge if needed to display the full label, but will adjust to a small size if needed only after confirming the text for performance reasons.

  • Fixed an issue where the form layout could break when changing from one property to another edit mode too quickly (Id, Tooltip, Format, Behaviour and Mapping).

  • Fixed a style issue with the WorkflowFileUpload tool.

  • Fixed an issue with the field value labels that were not vertically aligned with the field caption labels in some browsers. (To apply these changes, you must open the form in the form editor and save.)

  • Removed the calendar icon next to Short time and Long time field inputs. (To apply these changes, you must open the form in the form editor and save.)

  • #3479 - BUG: Flash workflow designer: Fixed a compatibility issue with Internet Explorer 11 that was preventing the workflow view from being displayed.

  • #3483 - BUG: Process import: Fixed an issue where group names with prefix were not being imported into the process participant.

  • #3487 - BUG: Form designer: Fixed a form field line break issue after hiding a control.

  • #3489 - BUG: Global Lists: Fixed a compatibility issue with Oracle when opening a list containing numeric values.

  • #3492 - BUG: Form designer: Fixed a regression bug that breaks the support for stored procedure in list databind.

Web Service API

  • #3482 - BUG: Web Service API: Fixed an issue where the API was unable to identify an authorized user defined in the ProcessesRuntimeWebServiceAllowedUsers due to case sensitive validation.

  • Note: This issue could prevent the normal use of the impersonation feature in the API e.g Parameter: ImpersonateUsername=username

  • Workaround for the previous versions: The usernames in the ProcessesRuntimeWebServiceAllowedUsers parameter of the web.config must all be in lower cases and separated by a comma without spacing between the values e.g. user1,user2,user3

  • #3494 - BUG: Web Service API: Fixed an engine logging issue.