WorkflowGen v5.7.3

Version 5.x support ends June 30, 2017

Support and maintenance for version 5.x will end on June 30, 2017. If you are still running version 5, we recommend you plan a migration, and we will be happy to help should you need any assistance.

New changes made on May 27, 2015 (Build 1)

  • Quick view: Fixed an issue in the title of the Quick view when displayed from the Advanced view.
  • Form designer: Fixed an issue where the list items were not available for translation.


  • Fixed a compatibilty issue with Oracle 12c where the error "ORA-12704: character set mismatch" is raised when displaying the homepage and the menu assignments list in delegation mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the search function was returning test requests and actions in the user search results in delegation mode.


  • Fixed some vulnerabilities in the User portal and Administration module.

Form designer

  • Form style template: Fixed a compatibility issue with IE where the text inside a textarea would not wrap.

Workflow applications

  • Fixed an issue in XmlTrans where an exception error was raised when the XmlTransPreviousFilesCleanUp option is enabled.
  • Fixed a permission issue in RaiseException, UpdateProcessData, and CompleteAction when their actions are started from the Web Service API.

Directory synchronization

  • Fixed an authentication issue when using the Active Directory connector with LDAP over SSL.

Configuration panel

  • It is now possible to enable or disable the display of the user calling cards in the portal (Portal / Enable calling card).


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