Form Designer: .NET code editor keyboard shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts are available as of WorkflowGen version 5.7.0.

Action PC (Windows/Linux) Mac
Save Ctrl+S Command+S
Undo Ctrl+Z Command+Z
Redo Ctrl+Shift+Z or Ctrl+Y Command+Shift+Z or Command+Y
Enter fullscreen Ctrl+Enter Ctrl+Return
Show settings menu Ctrl+, Command+,
Add multi-cursor above Ctrl+Alt+↑ Ctrl+Option+↑
Add multi-cursor below Ctrl+Alt+↓ Ctrl+Option+↓
Add next occurrence to multi-selection Ctrl+Alt+→ Ctrl+Option+→
Add previous occurrence to multi-selection Ctrl+Alt+← Ctrl+Option+←
Center selection Ctrl+L
Change to lowercase Ctrl+Shift+U Ctrl+Shift+U
Change to uppercase Ctrl+U Ctrl+U
Copy lines down Alt+Shift+↓ Command+Option+↓
Copy lines up Alt+Shift+↑ Command+Option+↑
Delete Delete
Duplicate selection Ctrl+Shift+D Command+Shift+D
Find Ctrl+F Command+F
Find next Ctrl+K Command+G
Find previous Ctrl+Shift+K Command+Shift+G
Fold all Alt+0 Command+Option+0
Fold selection Alt+L or Ctrl+F1 Command+Option+L or Command+F1
Go line down or Ctrl+N
Go line up
Go to end Ctrl+End Command+End or Command+↓
Go to left or Ctrl+B
Go to line Ctrl+L Command+L
Go to line end Alt+→ or End Command+→ or End or Ctrl+E
Go to line start Alt+← or Home Command+← or Home or Ctrl+A
Go to matching bracket Ctrl+P
Go page down PageDown Option+PageDown or Ctrl+V
Go page up PageUp Option+PageUp
Go to right or Ctrl+F
Go to start Ctrl+Home Command-Home or Command+↑
Go to word left Ctrl+← Option+←
Go to word right Ctrl+→ Option+→
Indent Tab Tab
Macro recording Ctrl+Alt+E
Macro replay Ctrl+Shift+E Command+Shift+E
Move lines down Alt+↓ Option+↓
Move lines up Alt+↑ Option+↑
Move multi-cursor from current line to line above Ctrl+Alt+Shift+↑ Ctrl+Option+Shift+↑
Move multi-cursor from current line to line below Ctrl+Alt+Shift+↓ Ctrl+Option+Shift+↓
Outdent Shift+Tab Shift+Tab
Overwrite Shift+Tab Shift+Tab
Remove current occurrence from multi-selection and move to next Ctrl+Alt+Shift+→ Ctrl+Option+Shift+→
Remove current occurrence from multi-selection and move to previous Ctrl+Alt+Shift+← Ctrl+Option+Shift+←
Remove line Ctrl+D Command+D
Remove to line end Alt+Delete Ctrl+K
Remove to line start Alt+Backspace Command+Backspace
Remove word left Ctrl+Backspace Option+Backspace or Ctrl+Option+Backspace
Remove word right Ctrl+Delete Option+Delete
Replace Ctrl+R Command+Option+F
Replace all Ctrl+Shift+R Command+Shift+Option+F
Scroll line down Ctrl+↓ Command+↓
Scroll line up Ctrl+↑
Scroll page down Option+PageDown
Scroll page up Option+PageUp
Select all Ctrl+A Command+A
Select all from multi-selection Ctrl+Shift+L Ctrl+Shift+L
Select down Shift+↓ Shift+↓
Select left Shift+← Shift+←
Select line end Shift+End Shift+End
Select line start Shift+Home Shift+Home
Select page down Shift+PageDown Shift+PageDown
Select page up Shift+PageUp Shift+PageUp
Select right Shift+→ Shift+→
Select to end Ctrl+Shift+End Command+Shift+↓
Select to line end Alt+Shift+→ Command+Shift+→
Select to line start Alt+Shift+← Command+Shift+←
Select to matching bracket Ctrl+Shift+P
Select to start Ctrl+Shift+Home Command+Shift+↑
Select up Shift+↑ Shift+↑
Select word left Ctrl+Shift+← Option+Shift+←
Select word right Ctrl+Shift+→ Option+Shift+→
Split line Ctrl+O
Toggle comment Ctrl-/ Command+/
Transpose letters Ctrl+T Ctrl+T
Unfold Alt+Shift+L or Ctrl+Shift+F1 Command+Option+Shift+L or Command+Shift+F1
Unfold all Alt+Shift+0 Command+Option+Shift+0