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This feature is available since version 5.7.0.

Search results can be displayed using the “Advanced view” mode.
In this mode, you have access to extended features which provide a high level of report customization.

You can activate the advanced view in the search form (Advanced view check box) or when you display a search result (Advanced view button on the top right of the screen).

All the records found are retrieved from the server to provide fast data manipulation.

Grid features list:

  • Sort
  • Filtering
  • Group by
  • Hide a column
  • Pin a column
  • Adjust Column width
  • Adjust Column position (drag’n drop)
  • Footer (Sum, Avg, Count, …)
  • Custom column (Javascript functions to compute and display values)
  • Export (Excel, CSV, Html,…)
  • Save as view

In the Portal “Views” screen

  • Link (Url, Embed)

Configuration Maximum of items displayed in the grid:
You can change the maximun number of records which can be displayed in the grid.
In the Administration module / Configuration panel / Portal:

\* Maximum number of records displayed in lists:  

If this value is exceeded, the user has to refine his search.

Enable custom columns**:**
You can restrict the custom columns usage.
In the Administration module / Configuration panel / Portal: 

Advanced view: Enable custom columns for process managers and supervisors  
  Enable custom column editing for standard users

Group by feature You can quickly create agregates via the “Group by” feature.
You just have to drag’n drop the column in the “Group by” toolbar.
Multiple levels of grouping are supported.
For a column with numeric values you can specify a range (via a dialog box displayed when you add the column in the group by)
For a column with date values , two levels of grouping are created by default: By Year and By Month.
You can sort a grouping by clicking on the column name in the “Group by” toolbar.
The number of records directly inside a group is displayed in parentheses.

Computed footer feature

You can add a computed footer for column with numeric values.
One or two formulas can be defined.
For each one you can specify:

  • a prefix (e.g: $),
  • a formula (e.g: Sum),
  • the number of decimals (e.g: 1)
  • a suffix (e.g: Net)

As of 5.7.1 the footer will adopt the format specified by the column it represents, and you will be able to add your own prefix or suffix such as "Total: " or “Count :”. The footer’s decimals will also automatically adopt the column’s decimals by default, with the option of choosing a specified amount (0 to 5).

Custom column feature

You can add custom columns to display computed values.
This feature relies on javascript to allow a high level of customization.
More information here

Link feature

Available in the Portal / Views screen.

If you want to add a link to the view in an external web page, you can click on “Link” and copy/paste the Url or the Html code to embed (the view security still applies in this case).

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