Maximum number of records displayed in lists

Is there a way to not have a limit? Why not show the data of large datasets using pages? Supervisors need to easily see ALL requests. Is this not possible? I receive so many complaints about this limitation.


Hi @ParadimeWeb,

If you put the value 0, it will be unlimited.
However, it is not recommended since the Advanced View does not have pages and if the site needs to return hundreds of thousands of requests, the performance will be really slow.

To solve this, you can uncheck the Advanced View option in the Configuration Panel (in the Portal tab) to use the Standard view by default. The Standard view does implement pages. The only drawback from this is that you won’t be able to use the Advanced View features.


I do use the advanced view features. I like the ability to create columns and add some colors to them. With the standard view you cannot even add custom columns right?

Correct. Here is a list of all the additional features only included in the Advanced View: