Form Designer: Multilingual forms

Multilingual forms are supported since WorkflowGen version 5.7.0.

The Form Designer allows you to translate the form labels in the multiple languages available in WorkflowGen.

Content edited in the form designer is the default version of the form.
To add language-specific content, you have to open the form configuration panel and click on the Translations tab.

A table is displayed with the list of form elements you can translate. Each form element is listed with its default text (as entered in the form designer).

A drop-down list box allows you to select a language/culture. The language can be generic (e.g. English) or culture-specific (e.g. English (Canada)).

When a language is selected the table is refreshed with the corresponding translations. You can then type the translation for each form element. If a text is left empty, the following rule applies:

Default text → Generic language → Culture-specific

This means that you can provide a translation in English and another translation for some form elements in the English (Canada) culture, for example.

When an user launches the web form with the User Portal language set to English (Canada), the form will display the English translations and the specific form elements translated for the English (Canada) culture.