Custom email templates in multiple languages

Is it possible to have multiple custom email templates that would send the correct one in the user’s language if it exists. Just like it works for the out of the box templates.

Hi @ParadimeWeb.

Here is how you can set a template dynamically:

To know the language of the current user, you can use this code in the .NET code behind:

Hope this helps,

Is there a way to do this without code behind? What if the user’s language changes between the time the code is executed and the time the notification is sent out?

Hi @ParadimeWeb,

You can retrieve the language of the user after the Submit button has been clicked.
Here is how you can implement this:


In my case, there is no submit, the notification is sent on a Sync Bar after a pause.

I opened a ticket for this. I was not able to make this work. Please advice if it is possible.