Saving sent emails / customized notifications in process data as a file

Is there any chance to save sent emails/notification (incl process related data “WF_PROCESS_INST_RELDATA_VALUE.”) in process data as a file? e.g. .PDF, .msg, … or any other format?

I don’t think this is possible

Hi @LPL,

This is not possible with the latest version of WorkflowGen.

How exactly would you like to handle this with process data? There could be multiple notifications sent in one action for many participants (Todo, complete, toassign, etc).
You can’t create dynamic process data with WorkflowGen, they need to be predefined.

Unless there is a specific notification that you would like to keep.
In that case, you can create a custom application where you send an email template,replace the macros with the appropriate values and then return the generated file to a file process data.