How to add a file attachment to my WorkflowGen email notification?


How do I add a file attachment to a WorkflowGen email notification?


WorkflowGen versions 5.3 and later allow FILE type process data to be included in WorkflowGen email notifications as file attachments.

While system default templates can be modified to include attachments, it’s not recommended to modify them since these templates are used system-wide, so any changes may impact other processes.

Instead, it is recommend to create a custom template when you want to use an email notification with file attachments. Custom templates are specific to a process and will not affect other processes. (For more information on how to create custom templates, see the Custom notification templates section in the WorkflowGen Administration Module Reference Guide.)

In your custom template include the tag <WF_PROCESS_INST_RELDATA_FILE.DATANAME> where DATANAME is the name of the process data containing the file you want to add as an attachment. You can add as many tags as you want; each will represent one file attachment.

WorkflowGen will parse the template and replace the tag with a file attachment. It’s not important where the tag is placed, except for the first line of the file, which is usually reserved for the email subject. If you’re using an email template with HTML content, we recommend placing each <WF_PROCESS_INST_RELDATA_FILE.DATANAME> tag somewhere towards the end of the <BODY> tag as good practice.