Feature Request: Test mode - override participants

It would simplify testing workflows by including an option to override the participant and assignment method when launching a test workflow. Currently testing has to either be done by the end-users (which should remain possible) or all actions need to have their participant settings changed to facilitate testing by the admin or the process owner.

Hello DSmithies,

The status In test of a process should be as close as possible to the behaviour of the status Active to make sure the flow of actions and forms, represents the end-user use case.

You could create a testing group from the administration portal, and add the group to each participant, during the testing phase, this will remove the need to modify each of your action assignment settings.

Once the process is ready to be Active, you then only need to remove the testing group from the participant.

Take note that only users who can initiate a new request or handle a workflow action In Test status in the WorkflowGen Portal must be added to the participant who is the process folder manager of the folder in which the process in Test status has been classified or an administrator.


Thanks Lynn,

There are still a few gaps:

  1. Where the action is assigned based on form data - the method of assignment needs to be altered.
  2. If the action is assigned as “self-service” all members of the team will receive the action.

In my experience you don’t necessarily want to have test forms going to the teams responsible for day-to-day operations until you are at the very end of development and have progressed to UAT. This is why I would see this as an override or as 2 different testing levels (test- for devs and UAT - for end-user testing).

I would see this as also catching all notifications.