Test mode limitations

What are the key limitations to running a process in ‘Test’ mode versus ‘Active’?

One limitation here is that only administrators or the process/folder manager can delete requests whose processes are in Test mode.

Thanks Peter,

Can I confirm that normal users (non-Admin’s or Folder Managers) can launch and participate in test processes?

Also, does all statistical functionality work?

Only end-users who are process folder managers can test processes. In fact, part of the process lifecycle is to have end-users (again, who are process folder managers) test the first version of a process as a proof of concept, so that modifications can be made before deploying the process for production. As for statistical functionalities, I believe that these are indeed available, since Test is among the filters in the search form and the statistics activity screen. Processes in test mode are indicated by a little gear on the page icon.

As well, in test mode, users who can launch requests or handle actions have access to the Administration Module since they’re in the participant that manages the folder in which the process(es) in test are stored.

Another limitation of test mode is that WorkflowGen tests each action request, so system performance can be much slower, the test icon appears everywhere, delegations don’t work, and the management of permissions for test processes can become very cumbersome. For those reasons, any serious usage of test processes in production is counterproductive and defeats the purpose of the WorkflowGen soution.

Once a process is ACTIVE, one cannot make modifications to the workflow. However one is able to change the process back to TEST, make the modifications and make it ACTIVE again. What is the impact of doing this? versus say creating a new version.

You can change the process back to TEST only when there are NO launched requests for that process. Once there are one or more requests in an ACTIVE process, the TEST and UNDER CONSTRUCTION options will not appear.