Why does the “Delete Request” button appear for all users?


Delete Request Button Appears for all users


The Delete the request button will appear for all requests initiated while the process is set to In test. Even when the process status is made Active, any request in progress that was initiated while In Test mode will still have the delete request button displayed. Only when requests are initiated in Active mode, will the delete request button disappear entirely.

Is there code or configuration to hide the delete request button in all cases?

From what I see the ‘delete’ request button is there all the time
not as described in the cause posted in 2007.

We see the delete button for closed requests in archived version of process and
new requests created after the process version was in active mode.

The delete button is an audit issue since there is no audit trail.

Hi Karen,

You are probably logged in as an administrator. Administrators always have access to delete requests.
It is not possible for a user that is not an administrator to delete a request that is in Active mode.

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