Supervisor, Manager & Administrator security rights comparison

Process supervisor Folder manager Administrator
Follow-up Requests of specific processes where the user is defined as Supervisor Requests of all processes inside the folder Requests of all processes
View statistics Optional (participant information) Yes Yes
Cancel requests Optional (participant information) Yes Yes
Reassign actions Optional (participant information) Yes Yes
Delete requests Optional (Configuration Panel) Optional (Configuration Panel) Yes
Create process No Inside folder Yes
Delete process No Inside folder Yes
Launch requests in Test status No Yes Yes
Delete requests in Test status Yes Yes Yes
Access to graphical follow-up Optional (participant information) Yes Yes
Access to Global List No Optional (defined in Global List) Yes


  • There is no “Manager” profile per se. A user is defined as a folder manager when they belong to a global participant associated to that folder.

  • When the Request deletion option is selected in the Configuration Panel, managers and supervisors can delete requests even if the process status is set to Active.