Participant - View all requests in a process

Hi Guys,

I would like to have a participant who can see all the requests in a process, but not be a process supervisor. How can I do this?

A participant that does not see follow-up info, can’t reassign, can’t cancel requests.

I still think a role like this would be useful for most businesses. We are required to maintain several standards and are constantly being audited for compliance. Maybe this role just needs a better name.

How about Process Auditor - Can view everything, but do nothing?

Hi @David,

Process supervisors permissions can be configured per participant in the process’s participant page:

You can enable or disable the following access per supervisor participant:

  • Access to graphical follow up
  • Reassign actions
  • Cancel Requests
  • View Statistics.

Thanks Eddy,

I do use these controls for some of my processes, but I would also like the ability to disable the follow-up information from the home page.


Users that are not true ‘Process Supervisors’ shouldn’t have this info in their feed. It causes more confusion than anything.

Hi @David,

Those are quick links for process supervisors to view all requests or actions in progress.
If the reassign and cancel permissions are disabled, the process supervisors accessing those menus can only view (follow-up) the requests that they’re allowed to see.

Be aware that if a user is setup as a supervisor but is also a manager or administrator, the permissions settings are discarded and are overriden by the privileges of a manager/administrator.

You can always hide those menus from the portal by adding CSS to wfgen\App_Themes\Default\portal\css\Default.css but this will hide the menus from ALL users including Admin users.