Workflow Design: Self service assignment with a process data: The action is assigned to all the participant members

The following settings can have as consequence to assign a team action to all the participant’s members:

  • Self service assignment method (team action) filtered with a process data

  • The process data contains an invalid value (a username which is not a member of the directory or the participant)

This is the default workflow engine behaviour to prevent a team action to not be assigned.

As of version 5.6.1, you can change this rule by editing the <add key="EngineEnableSelfServiceDataAssignException" value="Y" /> parameter in the WorkflowGen web.config file.

When the parameter value is set to Y, the workflow engine will trigger an assignment exception when the previous conditions are met. You have to add an exception management on the corresponding action if you want to trigger a corrective action, for example.