Workflow: Action multi-instance management

Action multi-instance management is available as of WorkflowGen version 5.6. (Before version 5.6, it was only possible to instantiate the same action multiple times via a loop, for example.)

This feature simplifies process definition and provides new workflow design possibilities.

Action multi-instance management is built into the action assignment method.

The Automatic to the person assignment method is used to manage multi-instances creation:

  • If a process data is specified in Retrieve users from, an action instance is created for each username stored in the process data (separated by commas). If there is no assignment exception defined for the activity, new unassigned instances are also created for empty values.

  • If a process data is not specified, a new action instance is created for each member of the action participant.


Each instance is launched in parallel. This means that in many cases, you should add a synchronization after the action.

Example of usage

If you want to create multiple instances of a sub-process type activity using a process data that contains a list of usernames, you just have to use Automatic to the person assignment method and specify the process data containing the list of usernames separated by commas.
You can also add an Assignment exception management if needed to handle assignment errors.