WorkflowGen.My and Workflow Web Controls v3.2.0


  • Assemblies are no longer strong-named.

    Both assemblies are no longer strong-named in order to allow non-specific version dependency when referenced by other applications such as custom assembly SDK Workflow applications in WorkflowGen.

    This simplifies the deployment procedure of an assembly SDK Workflow application to WorkflowGen 6.2.0 and later, and allows upgrading WorkflowGen to a newer version without having to rebuild the application’s assembly that was referencing an older version of WorkflowGen.My.

    For more information, see the article Considerations when deploying a custom assembly SDK workflow application.

  • Added a new ContextParameters class constructor with the context format parameter.

WorkflowFileUpload control

  • Added the RemoveFile() public method to remove the currently attached file in code-behind.


  • This version is required for WorkflowGen 6.x, which is targeted for .NET Framework 4.
  • For WorkflowGen 5.7.4 and prior, use WorkflowGen.My and WorkflowFileUpload 2.4.0.

Installation packs

WorkflowGen.My 3.2.0
WorkflowGen Web Controls 3.2.0