WorkflowGen.My & WorkflowFileUpload v3.0.5

WorkflowFileUpload control

  • Added a new public method AttachFile(string fileName) that allows attaching a file to the control at runtime. See [How to attach or remove a file to a WorkflowFileUpload control in code-behind]( for instructions.
  • Changed the WorkflowGen.My.Security namespace to WorkflowGen.My.Web.UI.WebControls.Security

ContextParameters class

  • Fixed an issue in the Workflow Context XML content when retrieving the Workflow Context after having previously called the **Update()** method.


  • This version is required for WorkflowGen v6.x, which is targeted for .NET Framework 4.0
  • For WorkflowGen v5.7.4 and prior, use WorkflowGen.My and WorkflowFileUpload v2.4.0