WorkflowGen 5.3.1

Version 5.x support ends June 30, 2017

Support and maintenance for version 5.x will end on June 30, 2017. If you are still running version 5, we recommend you plan a migration, and we will be happy to help should you need any assistance.


  • #2882: UPDATE - It is now possible to define and send additional notifications to users of actions assigned in self-service with or without data filtering.
  • #3004: UPDATE - The portal menu was partially hidden in Mozilla Firefox 4 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.
  • #3008: UPDATE - The associated data Text detection can be disabled in the notifications, portal and reports modules.
  • #3006: BUG - An exception error was raised when sending a notification which contains tag with invalid source path.
  • #3007: BUG - A security error was raised when displaying the portal quick view in delegation mode.
  • #3015: BUG - A security error was raised when displaying a PDF file associated data in delegation mode.