WorkflowGen 5.1.9

Version 5.x support ends June 30, 2017

Support and maintenance for version 5.x will end on June 30, 2017. If you are still running version 5, we recommend you plan a migration, and we will be happy to help should you need any assistance.


  • #2,868: UPDATE - The notify requester confirmation of request cancellation is now disabled when the user cancels a request and the closure notification option is unchecked.
  • #2,864: UPDATE - Process Start URL: It is now possible to hide the top frame with the “Back” link when the BACKURL_CANCEL parameter is not specified in the URL.
  • #2,853: UPDATE - Display Office 2007 and other formats of file attachment icons in request and action follow-up forms.
  • #2,827: UPDATE - EFormASPX: Process data IN numeric values in the formdata XML are now saved in culture invariant format.
  • #2,824: UPDATE - All cultures holiday resource files are now updated till the year 2012.
  • #2,865: BUG - An erroneous overdue notification was sent to the next action to-do when the current action is canceled by an action overdue exception.
  • #2,862: BUG - A workflow condition was always evaluated to false when the data text value contains new line characters (e.g. carriage return followed by a line feed).
  • #2,859: BUG - The request follow-up form’s request cancellation button was displaying an incorrect confirmation message which should notify the requester instead.
  • #2,854: BUG - A HTML frame error was raised when starting a new request via the process start URL when WorkflowGen web site is configured in HTTP SSL mode.
  • #2,850: BUG - A process supervisor was receiving a security file access error in the follow-up form file attachment download when the file data security is set to no access.
  • #2,831: BUG - Firefox: An endless data transferring message was displayed in the status bar when starting a new request from the process start URL.
  • #2,829: BUG - A workflow context sent to an action was containing an incorrectly formatted date-time value when the action’s parameter value is IN from a system macro DateTime (including the Date and Time macros) or a data of DateTime and is OUT to a TEXT process data.
  • #2,828: BUG - XmlToDatabase: A numeric conversion error was raised when exporting a numeric value even when the correct numeric field and locale are specified.
  • #2,826: BUG - The data list from the running action’s Data menu was displaying incorrect numeric values for the French culture.
  • #2,825: BUG - The request data lock message raised during an action start event was not displaying date and time values in the current user’s local time zone.
  • #2,809: BUG - Security issue: Any users that are part of the action’s participant was able to launch the action that is already assigned to one of the existing users.
  • #2,789: BUG - Upload of very large form attachment files could raise a System.OutOfMemoryException exception error.
  • #2,771: BUG - The action’s icon and name links in the team to-do list and the request follow-up form were having inconsistent behaviors than the welcome homepage team to-do action links.
  • #2,748: BUG - Administrators, managers and supervisors were not able to delete a request even when the option “Allow request deletion by the process managers” is enabled.


  • #2,781: UPDATE - WorkflowGen now performs a process XPDL structure validation prior to saving into the database.
  • #2,877: BUG - Regression issue in Directory Synchronization for AD and LDAP connectors due to RFI#2812 OpenLDAP support in release 5.1.8.
  • #2,872: BUG - Some participants user associations were duplicated when importing a process XPDL with the “Import directory associations” option.
  • #2,848: BUG - The process XPDL export and import functions should format numeric data values in culture invariant.
  • #2,844: BUG - All action’s help texts in the exported process XPDL were erroneously replaced with the process’s help text.
  • #2,833: BUG - Oracle: WorkflowGen 5.1.7 and later database update scripts were containing some minor syntax errors.
  • #2,818: BUG - The process XPDL import crashes when an action notification’s recipient was set to an unknown participant in the current process.
  • #2,808: BUG - Some requests were not deleted when performing a request deletion with a selected status filter other than “All” in the delete requests windows dialog of the process definition page.
  • #2,729: BUG - A DateTime conversion exception error was raised when importing a process XPDL containing a date-Time data value in another language culture.
  • #2,691: BUG - The activity notification definition form’s layout was not properly displayed when there are lengthy data name or participant name.
  • #2,569: BUG - Some data restrictions and additional notifications of a global participant were not properly removed when deleting the global participant from the process.
  • #2,435: BUG - Some process data restrictions were not properly copied when duplicating a process with existing restrictions on the process data.